Monday 8 September 2014

The Clamshells are back

I have finished all four 8x8 panels of clamshells that I started out to make and have joined them all together by hand.

It makes a 44" 'square' in all and now I'm wondering what next?

I was thinking I would have it on point and add triangles of clamshells to each side to finish up with a bigger square?   But is this madness?  That would be another 224 clamshells on top of the 256 already in there!?

Oh well I wouldn't be surprised if I have that many charm squares to cut with my sizzix machine as I tend to cut charms from every fabric I buy and I've been in a few charm swaps too!   The folk on IG seem to be saying yes!


  1. its beautiful. I think on point and adding more would be wonderful!!!!
    love looking at all the fabrics!

  2. gorgeous
    this seems to have come together so quickly, what's a few more to add to it?

  3. You know you want to make it bigger.

  4. I'm quite sure that's a clamshell front, you can't fool me... More is always, well, more, but you can't possibly snuggle under it at this size, so you'll have to keep going

  5. Are you enjoying it? If so, keep going! This doesn't have to be a fast project, you know.


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