Thursday 4 September 2014

Stippling Along!

I planned to finish quilting one of my Friendship's Garden blocks every week. It is quite intense all that tiny stitching and not really something I've done before. 

But yesterday I quilted one block and today I have quilted another....maybe I will manage to quilt one row per week.

And here it is...

I have stippling outside the wreath, cross hatching inside plus the word Friendship's which will be joined by Garden in another wreath.

I have been calling this quilt Friendship's Garden (the pattern name) for so long I cannot think of it as anything else!

It is a Blackbird Designs' pattern by Alma Allen and Cherie Ralston.  I really enjoyed the applique with the mix of straight lines and curves - it was a great pattern to learn from.  

The two blocks together!


  1. That's a lot of fantastic quilting.

  2. As always, you stun me with your quilting and creativity.

  3. Surprised you remembered how to quilt after all that piecing ;o) Looks great though

  4. Wow N! That is totally awesome! Jxo

  5. well this has definitely been worth the wait!! you are doing an amazing job with the's absolutely breathtaking!!!
    still waving the pom poms!

  6. woah. that's pretty amazing! love the swirl with the cross hatch - what a cool effect!

  7. I am totally in awe of you, it's lovely :)

  8. Nicky I have been watching you quilt on IG but initially thought that it was a big panel that you had quilted. Didn't realise that it was just one of many blocks within a quilt! Completely in awe of your microstippling - it's beautiful. Every time you do a showstopper I think it is the Quilt of a Lifetime and then you go and outdo yourself again with the next one. Amazing work xxx


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