Saturday 3 November 2012

The delinquent blogger!

I cannot deny I have become a delinquent blogger - my crime is having things to write about but not getting around to it!  Serious isn't it??

Ok how much community service should I be doing or would you put me behind bars??

Just before my collar gets felt by the boys or girls in blue I thought I had better let you see something....

Yesterday I was visited by a dear friend who shares a birthday with my eldest.  So I made her a wee present from my latest book purchase... 

available here!

This is the bag I made for her using the Compact Groceries Tote pattern

I changed a little thing - the wrap around strap was supposed to have a metal snap fastener to close it but I went for an old fashioned bit of elastic and button approach as I had those to hand and thought my button was prettier anyway!

My friend likes to use her bike a lot and to visit the local market so I thought this would be useful.  Hoping it was the pear-fect present for her this time!

She didn't come empty handed though as she brought some yummy homemade jam and a freshly baked cake!  She is welcome to come again (wink)!

We were both eyeing up the bike panniers on the front cover for next year so I have a bit of time to master sewing laminated fabric.  It is on my to do list!

My friend made the acquaintance of our furry addition to the family and we went for a rather muddy walk in the woods.  We had our wellies on and Maddie managed to keep out of most of the mud by her agile leaping.  We met a couple of dogs on the way and some small children - I think Maddie preferred the attentions of the children to be honest! 

Now here is a photo of Maddie pursuing her new hobby - 

Well what did you think I was doing??



  1. Great fabric choice for the bag. Cute doggie too

  2. What a fab idea and great fabric choices for a market bag. Maddie is so cute.

  3. Great market bag! Nice to see you back here!

  4. Oh Maddie - you are beautiful!!!! I love the tote - I shall check the book out and add it to the never ending wishlist :-)

  5. Love the bag that you have made, that pear fabric is fantastic

  6. Looks like a good book! Fabulous bag too! I could always give you community service to write more blog posts for us to enjoy!! Jxo

  7. Are you sure she can see the birds through all that (gorgeous!) hair?! She's such a cutie and hasn't half grown in the last few weeks!
    The bag is wonderful - I'm really going to have to get round to adding a wrap around strap to my 'lives in my handbag' tote as just putting a hair bobble round it to keep it rolled really isn't cutting it!

  8. great bag! I think the elastic is much better - allows for more wiggle room. Maddie is adorable, as always.

  9. I love that book, and the bag looks great.
    The dog will be trainspotting soon - I think the vet can do something to stop that ;)

  10. Omg Maddie looks wonderfully windswept!
    Ditto on the delinquincy of blogging.
    I have finally realised one cannot blog and create things to sell.
    I'm also not reading blogs either!!!
    gah roll on christmas already!!

  11. oh my goodness she's adorable.


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