Tuesday 6 November 2012

Hallowe'en !?! Nearly made it!

Last year as part of the Across the Sea QAL hosted by Jennifer and Sarah I made two quilt tops

This baby sized one made from some Dan Stiles fabric featuring submarines and whales

And this laptop size which I called Fright Nite as I used some leftover Hallowe'en fabric and a red solid, and then just because... I added toothy sashing to give the quilt some bite!

Well this year I was racing to finish this quilt in time for Hallowe'en but a mouthy tote and a commission quilt had to come first and I had quite a time-consuming plan for the back based on a gorgeously scary mini quilt made by Hadley for our friend Sarah in the distant North!

Here is my first attempt which I had thought would be big enough on it's own - it wasn't, not for the impact I wanted...

I realised I needed more - each pieced from 90 x 2.5" white-ish squares of fugly fabrics (seemed appropriate to use scary fabrics on these!)


Three....including a reversed one!

When I got to four of these I ran out of black for the backing and having considered all sorts of complicated piecing options I decided just to re-order the black - so here is my backing or fronting fabric 

I have put my sky remote in the photo so you can judge the size of these blocks!  I think the bottom two are serenading each other ...wonder what they are singing??
I seem to prefer this side now - that often happens with my double sided quilts.

Just got to put it all together in time for ....next Hallowe'en or the next scary film we watch!


  1. Oh, wow, it's FANTASTIC!!!!! They remind me of the dancing skeletons that Lucy had in a recent post http://www.charmaboutyou.com/2012/10/spooky-goings-on.html

  2. I love it- I am so wanting to do my own pixel quilt right now!

  3. Fantastic skulls! I've been dreaming in pixels lately, and this is really inspiring!

  4. love those skulls! they are fantastic!!

  5. Oh those skulls are fantastic!! What a great idea, oh you the queen of the double sided quilt.

  6. Oooh I absolutely bloody love it!!! It should get to be a quilt all on its own!

  7. Oh I love all your quilts! And as for what those wonderful skulls are singing to each other? 'Dem Bones me thinks :-)

  8. So cool! This will be so spectacular!

  9. OMG they were for the back!!You don't half give yourself some work!

  10. Back them both - you need 2 scary quilts!!!!

  11. They are clearly doing some Kara-oke! I hope they can carry a tune..

  12. Love everything, but those skulls are fantastic! Love them.

  13. wow what a great idea!! Love the skull karaoke, the remote does look like a mike hehe
    Well done!

  14. Home and finally got caught up with you! Love the skulking back of the quilt, and your swapsies were fab, I just love Carl, although mine is still lurking as a block, he really should get out!


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