Thursday 22 November 2012

The three Bs

What are the three Bs you ask?

Bee Blessed Blocks in this case....

Three Big Kisses are off to Northern Ireland and Just Jude, to make quilts for people in need of a bit of comfort or consolation!

Marvellous work Jude and her colleagues are doing in this charity bee!   She is always interested in more donations if you want to join in.  I have to say I love doing the blocks she chooses and this is another one designed by Sarah - couldn't be easier really following Sarah's tutorial so why not make one or three?

In this economic environment the need will be's a little thing to make a few blocks but it all helps towards some great quilts and a little love spread around the world!

Of course you may be making charity blocks for other causes!  If so let me know  with a link and maybe some of us can join in!


  1. Great blocks, the work they do is fantastic!

  2. These are fab - it's so nice to see the tutorial works (in spite of my lame photography). Thank you so much!

  3. Super block, haven't seen that one before

  4. Well said you - and these are great blocks, easy to do and will make a fantastic quilt.

  5. Thanks so much N for your continued support! You're an angel! Jxo


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