Sunday 4 November 2012

Fabric posting!

I joined in the Addicted to Text - UK Charm Swap!  

This was my choice, all cut and sent off

The last day for posting was Saturday so I will be waiting by my letterbox for a little parcel next week sometime, maybe!? I am quite excited I have to say! There were a couple of sneaky fabrics that jumped in my basket at the same time as I bought my contribution

I shared them with Sarah in Shetland as a little thank you for the Japanese Charm Swap.  Somehow that makes me feel not quite so guilty about buying them in the first place!

Sarah sent back this adorable fabric - isn't it cute - love those moustaches!   And I adore all Hans Christian Andersen stories! 

I love that this fabric came from Japan, to somewhere Sarah bought it from, then up to Shetland and down to the south of England  - that is one well travelled piece of fabric!    

 Thank you so much Sarah.

Some kind soul also pointed me in the direction of Dana's destash! - well I visited and this little horde arrived on the same day!

My previous visit to Dana's destash was incorporated in my Mouthy Stitches Tote bag!  And also into the background of my second feather block for the lovely Lucy(one on the left)

And here is my siggy block

I have at last posted these and they should be with Lucy next week!   Sorry for the delay!

Talking about Lucy - we are both working on some EPP Rose Star blocks and having found out we were working on the same size I suggested a swap!  

Lucy agreed and awesomely organised and quick as she is, she beat me to it and sent me this fabulous block, which I am ashamed to say I haven't shown here as yet!

It will add a little sparkle to my blocks as there is a touch of glitter in that centre hexy!   I have a few other sparkly fabrics to play with - hmmm, maybe they can join my Rose Star blocks or indeed Lucy's??

Isn't it fun to spread some fabric love around the world...well this little corner anyway!


  1. looks like a whole load of swappy fun was had by all!

  2. It is funny how those fabrics just jump in the basket at checkout ;-) Love the label for Lucy and all in all everything is lovely...especially those feathers!

  3. All such lovelies! And it seems the Emperors new Clothes made it to my house too!

  4. Good to see you doing your community service! Beautiful Star! Jxo

  5. Wonderful fabrics, Nicky! I love that top text...and in the one below I see an Ohio peeking out! Your feathers look fabulous!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics, feathers and RS blocks! I love the sneaky fabrics that decided they needed to come and live with you - you do seem to have that happen quite a lot, word must have got round the fabric community that your house is a wonderful house to be in!

  7. I think fabric sharing and swapping is the way to go... totally eases the shopping guilt dunnit ;-)

  8. Your feathers are gorgeous! Beautiful soggy block too

  9. Your feathers are stunners! Lovely fabric!

  10. You are busy on the swapping front. Shame I missed the text one. How did that happen?!!

  11. There's so much in here that brightens my evening. Love the EPP block - gorgeous. Destash fabrics - fabulous. Your SEW text choice - one of my favorites!

  12. A post full of beautiful things.

  13. Oooh, yummy fabrics, gutted that I missed the text swap. Love the bag you made for your friend

  14. Gear fabric, love the swap with Lucy!

  15. feel free to send fabrics my way next time, you know just to assuage the guilt...
    can't wait to get your text charm piece...or all of them for that matter! altho will need to put on a high shelf until after Country Living!


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