Tuesday 13 March 2012

Should I be brushing my teeth?

They do look a bit orange - do you think I need to brush them?

I am working to finish one of my Finish-along list....lots of you are getting quickly through your lists (Erin - for example!) and I still have two to do!

I started this lapquilt last year as part of my first ever Quilt-a-long - The Across the Sea one run by Jennifer and Sarah.  I loved the pattern so much I actually was making two - a baby quilt which I did finish....sort of! 

And this one  - a lapsize quilt called the Fright Nite Quilt for Hallowe'en and watching Doctor Who!  These are all my blocks...

I did think about making the border the same as the original and but an image of teeth or rather fangs came into my head!  Much more Hallowe'eny!   

Then when I realised my best option was to paper/foundation piece them I became a bit less keen ....so after this one section it got shelved!

Now having survived wonky houses which were mainly paper pieced I thought I had better return to the ugly teeth!  So here I am six sections down and more to go but how many...?

Originally I was thinking of them being the border...

Now I am thinking of sashing.... but like this

Which layout to go for?   I am leaning towards option 2, more scary I thought.....what do you think?

Now we all like a smile and a happy face don't we?

Well I was helping out at toddler group this morning and taking my camera caught a few pics of the Twinkle quilt baby!

Here she is making a lunge for my camera hence the blurry image...

She was smiling shortly before I took this picture....and in fact shortly after..

Obviously being a supermodel is exhausting work but she did wake up in time for singing!

And here is her Twinkle quilt!

Don't forget to help me out on the toothy dilemma....


  1. I like no 2 best. Lovely autumny colours!

  2. Your unfinished quilts are close to finishing so keep going. As for your toothy dilemma I would vote for number 2. Di xo

  3. Oh I like option two for the gnashers! then they're gobbling up the blocks...

  4. I like option two the best. What a cute baby! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Option 2!! They look like they're chomping on the blocks and about to start on the knees of the human under the quilt! Twinkle baby is so cute!!!

  6. Oh this made me smile!! Glad to see fright night back again, i was wondering!! I like option 2 it looks like scary teeth and fire

  7. You're so going to hate me. I like number 1. Eeek! It's more work, I know, but I really like your triangle boarder.
    Please don't hate me for too long....

  8. Hee hee, love the teeth, and option #2 the best :o)

  9. I feel a little like that baby, could just drop off to sleep like that.
    I like fangy option one, but you know I am not very adventurous! Whichever one you choose it will be great.

  10. Brush them? Girl you need to see a dentist and a tooth specialist!
    Option 2 is the best it helps to break up the red!!
    Loving the quilts!! =D

  11. I'd go teeth along the top and bottom only, but that's me being awkward!

  12. I like option 2 and I'd like to eat up that little Twinkle baby!

  13. I like them as the border.
    But that's just me.
    Don't babies look cute when they sleep like that.
    I have heaps of photo's of my boy's like that....

  14. I like option two where they are eating the ATS blocks!

  15. great quilt - love the colours and I'd go for the sashing option as well - cute little baby !

  16. Hey chick! Thanks so much for scottish pippi, got her today thanks. For some reason you dropped off my reader list when I switched my blog over to Just Jude, so that might explain why I was awol there for a bit. Hope you are able to pick up my post too, as some folks are having probs. Have missed getting your chirpy emails! Jxo

  17. I like option 2 also but a border would work as well. That is going to be a great quilt!

  18. Like option 2 as they look like little fangy faces! BUT....I LOVE option 1! Probably appeals to my OCD, everything in order side....sorry!

    Talking butterflies (as we were about 20 mins ago!...thanks for coming :D) I got straight on and found this.....


    love the way she made the buterflies for the back!!!


    N xx

  19. No. 2 for me. Another quilt. Man I found it hard to make just one!

    I always find that I get a little bored if i make the same quilt pattern straight away.


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