Saturday 17 March 2012

Fright Nite Bright!

It's raining today!  I know we need water in the reservoirs in the South of England but I was wanting to take a photo or two because The Fright Nite top is finished!

I went with option two as I liked it and thought there would be no need to match seams that way!  

The downside was it meant I had to make 20 teeth sections !  Yes 20!  Still not loving PP but don't dislike it so much and am getting used to getting that unpicker out to eradicate my (many) mistakes!  But they are getting fewer as I sometimes think before I sew.  

I have worked out that late night sewing is not particularly intelligent sewing as my brain does seem to disengage after about 9pm ....  Anyway I thought it looked very samey so introduced a bit more colour to the mix - a bit of pink, purple and green to go with the black, red, orange and beige - does that sound horrendous?  I think it does and it looks it too - but hopefully in a nice way....and you'd better get your shades if you are the sensitive sort!

Even my husband said "That's bright!"   That's all he said so I am not really sure what he thinks but my first efforts in quilting he thought were a bit dull..

So are you ready?

Told you it was bright!

Not tasteful is it?

Here is a close up of the Hallowe'en fabrics and those teeth...

What do you think?  Is it scary enough?

Just now I am plotting what will appear on the other side...

[Linking up with Rhonda!]

But before I can get started on that I have to finish this quilt...

Got a bit of hand quilting to do traditional style!  This is my last FAL (Finish-along) project for this quarter and I have until the end of March to finish it...Eek! 

I am already thinking of what should appear on my next FAL list....

It could include this one....

Two borders to applique till the top is finished

Perhaps this one...

Centres to handstitch on every hexagon but some already done 

And maybe I should make a few more of these!  My own Kona solids card.   My plan was to make one for every Kona solid I buy - have to say I am seriously behind in that project. 

I think three projects may be enough this time around as I plan to start a few new projects....well I keep seeing such lovely things how can I resist?


  1. My goodness, I know I have been absent for a week, but you seem to have been very prolific - who is the scary quilt for?

  2. Yes, it is bright, but cheerful, sorry, not scary at all!
    I love your 'daisywheel' quilt too.

    I also apologise, I have 'tagged' you.

    If you want to play along the 'rules' are on my blog, though I haven't exactly followed them, If you do not want to, then just leave it there!

  3. Terrifying.... almost as scary as the amount of sewing you manage to get done each blogpost!!!

  4. I love it! Incredibly original. Much scarier is your to do list!

  5. It is frightful!! ;) Wonderful and bright!
    You get so much done you'll have those other projects finished in no time!!

  6. You are sewing fast! I love the brightness of your scary quilt. I bet it feels good to have a finish accomplished. Di xo

  7. Hee hee, love the fright night! Great idea with the kona too...

  8. Wow the quilt is very RED...but we have had that discussion. Liking the Halloween fabrics though..nice touch!
    No new projects!! Finish the ones you have started...make a list then new projects! =D

  9. Your scary top looks great, I like the addition of the other colours.
    I was wondering when I would see those other tops again? hehe. You only have till the end of March? Get going girl!

  10. I love your toothy quilt. It reminds me of the cave in Monty Python where the killer rabbit lives.


  12. I bet you put it away and remember you made it on November 2nd! Or is that just me?
    Great going!

  13. I love it!!! Shall we prompt you to start quilting it at the beginning of September?! Your brain disengages at 9pm? Mine's at least three hours ahead of you ;o)

  14. Bright but i love it very much .
    A lot of beautiful projects here !

  15. I love that bright halloween quilt! And you have a lot of beautiful projects for finishing next quarter!

  16. Frighteningly colourful, love it! I think an impish boy would love frightening people in that! You've done amazingly well this first quarter. Jxo

  17. Love the bright colours, and the hexi quilt is fab too

  18. Fright nite looks great Nicky! Love the splashes of pink, purple and green in there too.
    Ooh, those bright hexagons look yummy - would love to see that finished!
    I keep telling myself you're all superhuman and that I'll complete something by the end of the year - sometimes it's tough being an underachiever ;)

  19. I think they are all great and worthy of finishing some day. Especially the last little houses. Clever idea, wish I'd thought of it! Keep up the amazing work.

  20. I don't really do Halloween....but I love the that bright? It just looks fabulously coloured but not 'in yer face'. You're sooooo clever Nicky.

    I love your Sexy Hexy project (as you know)...go for it!

    N xx

  21. Lots of lovely colour SS and I LOVE your house blocks. Seem to have lost your email address and I cannot send one to you via the blog so apologies. Just wanted to say that I have the book that Carolyn Forster mentioned on her blog and it really is a fabulous book. Step by step info on handpiecing everything and some great blocks. Hand piecing curves are much easier than by machine.

  22. Your quilt may not be frightening but it is bright and funky. Good job.

  23. Oh I LOVE the Halloween teeth! really cool! x


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