Saturday 10 March 2012

Quick Draw on Saturday!

Who remembers this little guy?   

Ok just me then..... showing my age again!

This is Quick Draw McGraw!   He is a horse and a sheriff and a bit dim!

But I don't have Quick Draw and his helpers Baba Louis and the bloodhound to help me choose a winner for my blog birthday draw so instead I choose my eldest.....

Ok no real similarity with Quick Draw - apart from hat wearing but this hat came in quite useful....

Lucy you are in there, and Rachel....and all the others who wanted to be included from my blog birthday post and who left me such sweet comments.  Thank you ladies!

Drumroll please - see no cheating - she couldn't peek in and as you can see she closed her eyes anyway...

And the....


and here's what you get as soon as you send me your snail mail address...

Cindy has three blogs!  How does she do it!?  Tops to Treasures, started in January, 2011 and is also the name of her long arm quilting business as she wants our quilts on the bed not stuck on a shelf in an unfinished state!  If you want to know more she tells you a bit about herself here!  Her other blogs are Quilty Friends, and QF Elements which are part of a block of the month Cindy runs for her quilty friends and her local Frisco Quilt Guild.  Correct me if I have got it wrong Cindy!  Some nice blocks clearly explained if you are looking for a new block....

Phew - first proper givewaway!   No animals nor children were traumatised in the choosing of this winner.  Heehee!

Ha and now that is concluded this is what I got up to yesterday ....buses and Rose Star blocks come in threes as everyone knows!

Have to say I maybe becoming a bit obsessed about making these!  They are more-ish like a nice bit of chocolate, a salty snack , or even a large glass of wine!

And here is my block for Judith in her Bee Blessed role.... a wee Scottish lassie all dressed up in tartan dress, Argyll patterned tights and she is ready to Strip the Willow anyday that's a dance just for clarification to ye sassenachs!

That was fun - may have to give more stuff away - as I now have over 100 followers...unless you all leave in disgust of course?  No don't go...I didn't mean it!


  1. Well what do you know.....

    I know Quick Draw, he is one rough and tough hombre, a western version of Dudly Doright of the Royal Mounties. I even refer to my little cat as Bubbs Loo. I love the trip down memory lane.

    And I love your little mini. Thank you to your beautiful assistant for picking my name. I'll send you my address shortly.

  2. Congratulations to Cindy !! Love the WIP xxxxx

  3. Congrats Cindy x

    Another girl with a built up shoe - who knew there were so many wonky-legged ladies about!

  4. I remember quick draw.. my children used to watch him!!! now, how old does that make me feel... mind you I think I watched it first and they watched the re-runs!! MY story I can tell it anyway I want !! x

  5. Well done, Cindy! What an awesome goodie for you! :)

  6. Congratulations Cindy! Nicky, I LOVE your RS blocks, every time I see one I think 'that's my favourite' and then you make another one and I think 'no, that's my favourite'!! Love Pippi!!

  7. Cindy is lovely! Great person to win your giveaway. And your blocks are lovely too. I think you will have 200 followers before you know it.

  8. LOL Love the wee tartan dancin girl...

  9. well done to Cindy!
    Your wee lassie is just gorgeous. A really cute block. Love your roses, I knew they would be addictive!
    Thanks to you I will be singing the Quick draw McGraw theme tune in my head all

  10. Congratulations to the lucky winner!!
    Yes I remember Quick Draw McGraw and I'm not an oldie =P

    Not 50, but three is an improvement on two.

    Love the block too =D

  11. Congrats to Cindy! Sorry, never heard of the horse though, was he around in the mid 80s? Also that child looks pretty traumatised having to close her eyes there...

    Love your wee tartan girl!

  12. I remember quick draw mcgraw and watched him just yesterday !! and love your daughter's impersonation - great hat - but I'm sure Saffy would have been up to the job of picking a winner !
    congratulations to Cindy - lucky girl :)
    and love your bee blessed block - just gorgeous :)

  13. That really takes me back. Huckleberry hound, deputy dawg....
    Well done Cindy

  14. Congrats to Cindy, and to you for the fab blocks, now off o follow the links, ta

  15. They don't make cartoons like that anymore....
    Love your third Rose Star.


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