Saturday 31 March 2012

I am weak willed!

In between all my handstitching I have been active on the internet pressing the buy now button and maybe I should share some of my beautiful booty with you.

I am weak willed - show me something pretty and it seems I cannot resist!

This arrived from Japan and the lovely Ayumi @ Pink Penguin!

sorry about the blurry photo - but Disney stamps!

The smaller pieces on the left were not on the order but thrown in by Ayumi to keep the others company!  Isn't she lovely!

This arrived from Katy @ Monkey Do!


told you I have a Carnival quilt somewhere in my future

This followed from Sew Kind of Wonderful

shortly after I saw this cushion Alison made @ Little Island Quilting - she has been showing off ever since what this ruler can do here and here! ( hehe!)

This was too tempting to resist from Martha....

 - first Lori was making a tiny Drunkard's Path then I saw Kathie's quilt and found a link to Martha's Etsy Shop from there on resistance was pointless!  

I watched Martha make loads of unique aprons for her daughter's wedding shower guests from beautiful vintage fabrics and she is still making them to sell in her Etsy shop plus she is making the most beautiful kits from her original vintage stash and cutting out all the tiny pieces...   

I had to put in my bobbin to show you the tiny scale of these pieces...all I need do is sew them up!

These were on sale at Seamstar - think I am getting a daisy thing!

This from Karen at BlueberryPark

Told you I am in love with daisies!

This book from Amazon

You have been telling me it is good and this time I was listening with my finger on the buy now button!

And this Oakshott cotton - I blame Lynne!

I have been buying these over the last month and a half ....honest!  I just have been keeping it all to myself...thought I'd better come clean!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am in love with the large scale daisy prints. I'm also curious to hear what you think of the curved ruler. Will you do a review for us?

  2. Oh you got it bad; girl!!
    Is there anything I can sell you? LOL
    I have made some purchases I've not owned up yet!

  3. Holy cow i thought i'd been bad... Clearly i can clear my conscience and shop lovely lovely buys x

  4. Clearly the recession hasn't kicked in at your household then ;-)

  5. Awesome buys. It is so much fun to try something new.

  6. ROFLMAO, okay, that makes my post positively decent :oD

  7. Today is obviously the day for postal show offs (me included!) fun eh!

  8. Trying again as blogger wouldn't let me join in. I have that book SS. We could get into a lot of trouble with the contents of that book. How many quilts can we make from it?

  9. Wow, what a lot of goodies!! I feel positively angelic now in my self restraint, lol.
    Very jealous!

  10. LOL! And the confessions just keep coming! Spring fever I think! Jxo

  11. Over the last month? Are you sure about that one! I love buying fabric. sometimes it's so hard to choose! I actually need to get some month tomorrow hehehehee =D

  12. good to see you are doing your part to improve the GFC.
    Absolutely beautiful bounty!
    Now to just sit back and see it all come together in the most fantastic way!

  13. Oh my gosh, I was planning to tell ou off in the comment box, but I think I should appoint you as my personal shopper! FAB fabrics, I am going back to follow your links and may just get involved in a little bit of [buy now] too!!!

  14. You certainly have let your fingers do the talking! Just spotted the curvy block over at Trudis so now feeling tempted........

  15. What lovely new things!! (I spy spots and stripes - eek!) I can't wait to see what you make with all your gorgeous fabric - have you decided what to make first?!

  16. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! Oh I haven't bought my curved ruler yet and do I need a special foot too?

    Ah....hold on where is the swoon quilt....have you done any cutting out?

  17. My copy of 5500 Quilt Blocks came on Friday too!

    Then I realised I had an old copy of Maggie Malone's previous book, 1001 quilt blocks. SO I don't know whether to keep an cherish as I do with old books or to repurpose it, or to tear pages out for inspiration OR to give it away on my blog! :)

  18. wow - fabulous buying Nicky - love all your fabrics and the daisies are very cute :) and that book looks awesome as well !

  19. wow you have been splashing the cash! And thank you for splashing some in my direction and feeding your daisy addiction with some of my daisy fabric...come by any time ;-)


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