Thursday 8 March 2012

My Wonky World - plus!

My Wonky blocks have arrived from the US !   And the lovely Jane our swap mamma chose a lovely selection for me with my youngest daughter in mind - I am thinking she may well like the quilt I will make from them !

These sure make a bright fun village!  These are absolutely fabulous and I love them all!  My new blogging friend Leanne at  Daisy and Jack made block number 5 with the beach houses - I just love it!  I just love them all!

And don't forget I have Helen's blocks to add to these so I actually now have 13 houses - oops just as well I am not superstitious !  But I think I will have to make one myself too!

And there will be more to come with trees and stars and who knows what next!

But that is not all that has been happening - I know some of you have been seduced by Clare at Selfsewn to venture into hand sewing and English Paper Piecing with the beautiful Rose Star block - you can see Clare's lovely work on her blog, Lucy's here and Mary's here! and here is the link to the Flickr Rose Star Block Party/  Clare has set up.  

Well I have been longing to jump in and when I saw these fabrics on a recent trip to Lewes and the Patchwork Dog and Basket I knew these were the fabrics I wanted to work with, plus solids and perhaps some text fabric.  They are thirties repro prints and are small scale prints that will cut up nicely..

And here is my first Rose Star Block!

Except when I loaded it up on the Flickr site I realised it wasn't - I had some bits missing - but I am thinking this is right now

Bigger and hopefully better.  I am hoping to have a traditional feel but not quite ....will have to see how it goes!

I have completed the middle hexagon of two more blocks and am currently deciding on my points...and then must remember my petals!

I love to do a bit of hand sewing and having been concentrating on machine stitching of late, I now realise how much I have been missing that intimacy, of just my needle, my fabric and me!



  1. Very Pretty !!
    I like the fabric choice too.

  2. That's going to be a fun wonky quilt, sure your daughter will love it!

    Love the look of the new project too, have fun :o)

  3. Love the Rose Star blocks. They are just up my street. Love your wonky houses and feel a Lloyd Grossman voice coming on asking who would live in a house like this.. I am sure your daughter will love it.

  4. wow I love your wonky houses! Can't wait to see the quilt you make with them:)

  5. Love the wonky village and the fabric Leanne used for the sea is fabulous! Also love your RS block - sounds like you're having a whale of a time with them!!

  6. gorgeous wonky blocks and I love your rose star! I think this project is you. The blend of fabrics is great. So love the fussy cut roses.

  7. Hi! I popped over from Canadian Abroad. Congrats on the Liebster award. I love Rose Star blocks. I want to give them a try! I'm a new follower! Deb. (SImplyMissLuella)

  8. Your wonky village looks great!
    Love your rose star block - very tempting :)

  9. I love the snowy house! It is going to be a fabulous quilt indeed.

  10. yay - great wonky blocks you received - they all look fabulous - and love your rose blocks and how you've fussy cut the roses - very cute - hope my wonky blocks arrive soon !


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