Wednesday 7 March 2012

Bit of a catch up ....!

I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful and undeserved comments you lovely ladies have left me - I am truly blessed knowing you all!

Since then I realise I haven't told you when I will draw for my little birthday cake - it will have to be a day when I can grab one of the younger ones as draw assistant - as I don't think I have time to train Saffy ( not as obliging as Archie I am afraid but that's cats for you!) -  so that will be Saturday 11 March!

Now stuff has been happening and I need to catch up...

First of all I enjoyed a visit from my craft buddy Karen who blogs at Nora at home!  She wanted to see my quilts and learn how to make a pouch.  I think she was surprised by just how many quilts I have - I was too, I have to admit!

Karen brought a little adorable person with her - a real character and here I can show you a few photos!

Cute or what!?  Thanks for the visit Karen and Eleanor - looks like I'm better at taking photos of a little one - sorry Karen!   Karen has since made her pouch and very good it is too - I am hoping she will post about it soon!

I have a bit of catching up to do with things arriving... the lovely Helen from Fabrictwitch sent me some Liberty fabric - she says she doesn't really appreciate if you were thinking about sending her some Liberty fabric just send it to me directly instead.  

I met up with Helen for the first time on the Spools workshop I did with Carolyn Forster.   While talking it became apparent that we were both in Susan's Christmas runner swap so we linked up on Flickr too!  Then again in real life at the Ardingly Spring Quilt Show which I haven't posted about yet either....

I love this fabric and it goes very well with the lovely ones I bought on my birthday visit in January.  Thank you Helen!  I need to think of a really special project for these and think they will team up with some other recent purchases!

Some time ago Cindy @ Fluffy sheep quilting sent me the the Japanese Knot Bag she wrestled with in this post!   I was the lucky person who commented first and received her generous gift...

I now have two bags!  The lovely one that she made above ( not sure what was so bad about it that she had to give it away) and the one that I made below - both are beautiful - Cindy supplied the fabric for the second already cut out with the pattern!  Thanks so much Cindy!

As you can see the bag is reversible so you can match it to what you are carrying or wearing...

I adore those cute foxes!  Both are a good size for projects...and perfect for knitting or crocheting.  May have to pick up my hook or needles again.

More to come soon plus that draw on Saturday!


  1. Eeek! Those pictures of Eleanor are adorable.

    Love the foxes too.

  2. I like your new bags! I can't remember where Cindy found the pattern - can you??

  3. Oh, what a cutie! That smile and those curls are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. So you are a photographer too!!

    Love those bags.

  5. Wow...what a sweetie pie !! Love all the fabric and new definitely have a lucky streak !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Good stuff going on all over for you - and it is well deserved. How nice that your bloggy friends are becoming real life friends. That's going to explode out of control in a few months time!

  7. she is one gorgeous little girl!
    Love the fabrics in your bags-especially the foxy one.

  8. It's great to teach someone something new. Ha send it to you, that's a good one!!
    Love the bags that apple fabric..I love it sooo much!! The other bags are cute too!!

  9. Looks like you've been having loads of fun, love those bags!

  10. what a cutie!! Sounds like you all had fun :)
    The bags are gorgeous, love the shapes and I gasped at the adorable foxes!!

  11. The photos made me laugh too, is she always that happy? The bag reminded me of one I made years ago:much shorter 'long' strap, and a much smaller bag, but it keeps my 'necessary essentials' together in my handbag! I never thought of making it with a longer strap ... And I don't even remember if mine is reversible, I'll have to check! LOL

  12. What a cutie. Love the bags. Glad you have hooked another quilter, converting the world one by one to the joys of this amazing craft. Well done.

  13. Eleanor looks like a joy - such a wonderful smile!! I loved this catch up post - so much to look at! Love the Liberty fabric and the bags, those foxes are gorgeous!

  14. elinor looks like a real cutie - very photogenic :) and love that liberty fabric and those bags from cindy - the fabrics are awesome - looks like you've had a good week !

  15. we had such a lovely time with such a talented lady!!

    Eleanor is (on the whole) very sweet and lovely.....but don't let that smile and those curls fool you!!!

    I love these ones of her baking a 'cleaning' the spoon!!!....

    Thanks for lovely comments about my Sweetie.

    see you soon Nicky xx


  16. Can't spell!!

    Meant *baking and cleaning the spoon* !!


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