Tuesday 9 June 2015

#Scraptastictuesday - the June Linkup

Scraptastic Tuesday

I have been working on lots of things but not so much of a scrappy nature!  

It has been the turn of a UFO, of a more complex nature.  It looks sort of scrappy because of all the different fabrics used but I've been working mainly from vintage looking stash.  

My large circle blocks are taken from vintage books by Jan Halgrimson, which are out of print now.  I love the old blocks she has found and given the briefest of instructions to, not much more that a template really.   She is a great lover of scrappy quilts too.  

This quilt actually combines two projects - the big circles and an older EPP project.  I don't really enjoy EPP that much so I was never going to finish a quilt full of these lovely Rosestar blocks  - sorry Clare but I love how they fit into this project.  The littlest ones are from Jen Kingwell's Georgetown on my Mind pattern.  All have been appliqued down by hand and there has been quite a bit of hand piecing too.

As an antidote to this complexity, and because my scrap bins are still overflowing, I just had to start a new project that is simple and involves mindless stitching.   Do you like to work on different levels too!?

Nine patches - is there anything simpler?  

I have started delving into a mainly neutrals scrap bin ....time to get more colour I think.  All 2 1/2" squares,  all nice and easy!

Not sure if these will just be nine patches or the centre of something more complicated!?

Just having a bit of mindless fun.....

Now, its time for you to link up and share your scrappy projects to inspire us all.

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes:

  • Massdrop - a Mushroom World Fat Quarter Bundle

Please join Leanne, at She Can Quilt and I by linking up a blog post or flickr or instagram photo sharing a scrappy project, in progress or finished, or your thoughts on dealing with your scrap mountain:
  • You don't have to have joined us before, everyone is welcome.
  • One link per person, and it will be your entry into the random draw for the prizes. It is the same link up here and at Leanne's blog  - so you only need to link up on one of our blogs.
  • Please visit at least a few of the links, they are very inspiring, and leave comments too as everyone loves to connect. 
  • Use the Scraptastic Tuesday button if you like (code is on the sidebar) and invite your friends to join us too. 
The link is open until next Monday night at 10:00 pm MST(Canadian Time). We will announce the winners next Tuesday.

If you have trouble linking up let me or Leanne know and we will get you sorted.  I think Leanne has been working with some Liberty (lucky thing) - you can catch her here.


  1. I love seeing the variety of projects that you work on at one time, but your circle quilt is especially pretty.

  2. love your quilt that you show - I continue to hand quilt my Granny's Got Style quilt.

  3. I love nine patches--there are so many possibilities to use them! Have fun with your scrappy sewing!

  4. Really love how you've combined all those blocks from several projects -- very inspiring!!

  5. what a brilliant idea for combining all those blocks

  6. I love your explanation of 'an antidote to complexity'! It sums it up exactly as I feel. I need a number of projects in progress that are across the board in difficulty. If I sit and do a very complicated project just plowing through it to get it done, I get discouraged after a while. To be able to sew something of a different nature is either soothing to my brain, or stimulates another part. Not sure. Rule of thumb: Always have a hand-sewing project ready, too, because it's another diversion if you must sew, but only have a few minutes. I find I think about things differently while methodically stitching. But it's all too hard to explain when someone asks what your current project is.

    Your Jen Kingwell combination is really lovely. ; - )

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  7. I agree completely about having multiple projects in order to be able to switch back and forth between complicated and easy. I also always have a hand stitching project available.
    Your quilt top is fantastic! I love the circle blocks.

  8. I agree completely about having multiple projects in order to be able to switch back and forth between complicated and easy. I also always have a hand stitching project available.
    Your quilt top is fantastic! I love the circle blocks.

  9. What as great idea to mix your EPP blocks in with other blocks - I really like how each one is different... it looks pretty planned to me. I don't have the patience for EPP, but somehow freezer paper is just my thing.

    Greetings from Germany!

  10. Your finished quilttop ist just awesome.

  11. I like your quilt top. This is the sort of project people will be reproducing 100 years from now!

  12. Love your quilt top - perfect combo of blocks! And who doesn't love a 9-patch!

  13. Pretty clever idea, Nicky! Worked beautifully to combine those blocks this way. It's very striking.

    Me, me, me! Totally love a good 9 patch. :o)


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