Monday 1 June 2015

My May in Fabric

I have lost the habit of linking up to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day but I think this month I have to and this is why!   

I finished eight quilts for the fabulous charity Siblings Together this month. 

Yes EIGHT! But I did have lots of help!

 The swirly quilts were made with help from Trudi, Victoria and Jo.   I just quilted the two on the right which were put together by Mary and friends.  Fabric and blocks for the remaining three came from Nick (middle one), Jane (medallion) and Simply Solids (solids quilt).  

I designed them all except for the two on the right.

And I had fabulous fun doing it all!  I'm looking forward to dropping these off at the Siblings Together office in Southwark, London.

And I also finished these two UFOs....

....which I started last year.

The left one is My Liberty Quilt,  made as part of Scraptastic Tuesday,  a linkup, which I co-host with Leanne, on the second Tuesday of the month  - you can link any scrappy project, at whatever stage, but only one!   I machine pieced and handquilted it!

The one on the right is hand pieced and hand quilted!  Ok the borders and the binding were machine stitched but everything else is done by hand!  

Bit of a record finishing 10 quilts in one month!  Don't think I will ever top that!

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  1. Wow, I am not sure you want to try to top that, a quilt every 3 days, and all so beautiful!

  2. What pretty quilts. My favorites are the 'swirly' patterned ones. I'll have to try that sometime. What an accomplishment and I'm sure they will be well loved and used.

  3. What a great bunch of quilts!!! They are al so beautiful!

  4. wow! What an amazing month for sure! Beautiful quilts!! Good for you!

  5. Great Job!!! all the quilts are fabulous!!!!

  6. Wow I am amazed! I'm trying to get the last of the scrappy string blocks sorted for my siblings together quilt, 8 is a huge achievement! I was hoping to volunteer for the camps but alas time is ticking on by -I may still make it.

  7. Blimey, that's a very productive and successful month - I hope you're having a lie down now!

  8. Great job on getting so much done. And wonderful quilts!

  9. What an accomplishment, I am in awe. You have made wonderful quilts, congratulations on all the finishes.


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