Friday 29 May 2015

Big shake up!

There has been a big move around in my sewing room thanks to the delivery of this new big table from Horn!  It is sleek, modern, sturdy and adjustable.  You can even fold the top down if you like.  Bit hard to sew on it like that though...

They are selling like hot cakes apparently.  I can see why!

The nice young delivery man brought it in - carrying it rather than rolling it's lovely wheels across my path.  Then he popped my machine in and made sure it was adjusted to the right height before placing the insert which was cut to fit my machine.  In fact that happened several times to get it just right.  Which gave him the opportunity to pick up a fair bit of dust from my floor! Oops !

 I might be a bit in love.....with the table !

I now have a lovely L shaped work surface to be happy stitching in!


Clothed!   Well trying to hide the rubbish underneath actually...

Still got to try out machine stitching with the new arrangement!   Slightly nervous for some reason - maybe a little bit in awe!  

As I have another Siblings Together top that needs quilting I'd better get over it quick!


  1. what a nice looking table - have fun with your new space!

  2. It's beautiful! I'm sure it will make all your sewing easier!

  3. Fabulous table!!! Have fun!!!

  4. Very nice table! I too am envious.

  5. What a handy table, must be so comfortable to work on it.

  6. Looks brilliant. I loved having an L shaped workspace and will miss it, though my table wasn't this fancy. You will settle in to your new space very quickly I think. My! Imagine if it makes you even more productive!!!

  7. Looks amazing! You'll be at home in no time at all!

  8. There is no stopping you now! Mind you, there was no stopping you before! It looks as if you will be sewing an inch or two lower than before, how will that feel? May take some getting used to, but I am sure it will be great! Happy new table!

  9. what a nice set up! The fact is, I have a horn cabinet, love it as it opens up to the back to support a quilt. I need your set up of a left wing to support the quilt while it's going thru the machine. Are you loving it?? LeeAnna


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