Friday 27 March 2015

Finished quilt top!

The last of the Hot Cross Bun quilt tops is finished!

Must say making those little blocks in a hurry is not so much fun!   Think I preferred as I started out, taking my time selecting the right scraps.  

They have been a fun way to try out different colour schemes; working out how to make some blocks pop and others recede.   Great learning tool if you like.

Then it was just a matter of trying not to have too many repeated fabrics close to each other - in fact if you do have repeats, spreading them around the quilt top does make your eye wander all the way around!   It's a bit like Where's Wally!

And here they are all three!

Which one do you like best!?

Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for the inspiration with this little block. You can see her quilt on the cover of Quiltmaker May/June 2015 or on her blog here.

Oh dear - she has another block I'd like to play with....oh well I have plenty of scraps!

Now I just need to get busy layering, basting, quilting and binding these three quilt tops!


  1. It's been fun seeing these blocks in different layouts! I think my favorite is the green one, but they're all just terrific!

  2. Beautiful quilts, all three. I have no idea which I like best.....but I think I like them best shown together.

  3. I have to say I like your layout he best. Such a pretty quilt.

  4. These are gorgeous!! I really love that green one though!

  5. they all look wonderful!
    don't think I could pick a favourite at all they are so beautiful.
    Great job!

  6. They are fantastic N! I particularly love the red one! Jxo

  7. Can't decide between the red and the green!! Smashing pattern for scraps.

  8. All three are fab, I struggle with green but that's from having seven years of green school uniform!!!

  9. What fun quilts! I do love this green one - my eye keeps travelling over it, looking at all the blocks.

  10. I love them all for different reasons but if you forced me to choose then I'd go for the green!


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