Tuesday 3 March 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - Lucky Clover!

I'm a bit behind with the making of this block but I'm loving the look of it!  

Here is my 12" version all cut up and ready to stitch!

Lots of Liberty in here!

So what do you need to cut out?

Twelve 2 1/2" squares 
Sixteen rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 7/8"  - eight from background fabric.

Take your background rectangles in pairs and face right side to right side.  Cut a 45 degree angle from the end of each pair - this means you end up with mirrored pieces.

Repeat for your feature fabric.  This block looks great with different values for these feature pieces so make sure you pair your light/dark fabrics for cutting that angle !   Don't ask why I know!

Now it seems to me that stitching up a quarter block will be the easiest way to put this together.  

 Are you shrieking Y seams and partial seams at me???

You could avoid those quite easily by cutting that centre square in half - though it would then need to be cut from a 3" square to allow for that seam.  

Your cutting requirements for the 12" block would then be 

Eight 2 1/2" squares 
Four 3" squares cut in half
Sixteen rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 7/8"  - eight from background fabric

You will also need a 9" version for the quilt 

Cut as follows:

Twelve 2" squares
(or eight 2" squares and four 2 1/2" squares cut in half)
Sixteen rectangles 2" x 3 7/8" - eight from background fabric 

Put together as for the 12" version.

In the meantime I shall be scratching my head working out how I will put mine together.

And please remember to link your scrappy projects NEXT TUESDAY 10 MARCH!

And now be sure to go and see Leanne's beautiful quilt, Echoes, published in the Quiltcon magazine, diplayed at Quiltcon and you can do that here


  1. Such a cool block - your lucky clover is a bit early for St Pat's though, isn't it? ;)

  2. Oooh, pretty! I think of this block as a 9-patch made from 4-patches. You could do it without Y seams if you cut your pink solid into a triangle and a square, and added the triangle onto the longer center print pieces to make a rectangle. (the four corners would be 4-patches, and the middle-edge pieces would be two rectangle pieces)


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