Wednesday 18 September 2013

Stamping is fun ....

....and I'm not the only one, who thinks so!

Well you know I have been bitten by the stamp carving bug and am quite severely infected (carrying on that little theme).   But I have also managed to kindle a carving flame elsewhere with our little group of swappers!

While you have been doing other fabulous things we have been carving, buying inkpads, stabbing ourselves all in the name of pleasing our partner....

Here are some of the lovelies that have been made by Floh, May, Katie, Andrea, Anneliese and Sonia

There are more lovely thing you can see here I just haven't been given permission to show you them on my blog.  I suspect they are all busy carving stamps, stamping or in A&E tending their wounds!
I just can't believe the talent we have!  It is truly AWESOME!

Here is my entry which I posted today....

Er ....not sure my partner wanted a fabric basket, and Oriental Poppy stamped on it or an AMH lining which gave me the colour scheme but I do remember seeing words to the effect < It's all up to you partner! > and I hope I will not disappoint!


  1. Oh no, I am not a little tiny bit disappointed if this comes to my house. There are so many gorgeous stamps now! Thanks for pulling us in

  2. Looking great ladies! I say anyone who effectively says 'do what you like' gets what they deserve, and this looks fab to me

  3. I should think anyone would be delighted to receive that little lot - if not, give me their address and I'll go and relieve them of it! It can then come home with me and be loved!!!!

  4. Well it is definitely not coming to me, but should it arrive by mistake, you ain't never getting it back!

  5. These are wonderful! This stamping was a great idea :)

  6. That poppy is stamped! It's amazing, Nicky. Job well done, I'd say.

  7. I'm regretting not joining this now - what fabulous creations!

  8. Loving these stamping beauties....

  9. There's so many fabulous things - can't wait for them all to start arriving at their destination, and your basket is just gorgeous!!! Am desperately trying to remember what I said on my form now....... ;) And no injuries here yet (she says, touching a big lump of wood!)


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