Thursday 5 September 2013

Chickened out!

I am getting impatient to catch up on my outstanding bees and therefore have given up on my attempts to stitch celtic knots for Cindy and Turkish stitch thistles for Veena!

But I am not giving up on producing blocks for these two ladies - no I'm substituting them with something I think will work better.

So this 10.5" block is for Cindy - much more visual than my celtic knots and still very Scottish.

And this similar smaller scaled block is for Veena who actually asked for our national flower.

And together

The pattern can be found here and my thanks to Patti who made a pansy for Veena made by the same clever lady and alerted me to this possibility. 

Two more blocks done. Now after that paper pieced diversion  I still have a castle to finish for Fiona!  And then two more blocks to start and finish for the Star of Africa bee.   I will be so glad to catch up!

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  1. Gorgeous Thistles! Might have to make one of those for hubbie!

  2. These are brilliant! Good job.

  3. These are great Nicky you are really powering through these blocks now!

  4. Love the thistle Nicky! You are so clever!

  5. These are great thistles! What an excellent pattern.

    Also thank you for the advice on getting started on stamping - just start! I have (finally!) started my stamps and have only sliced my thumb once. Have done my test stamping tonight and am going to try the real deal tomorrow when my brain is working a bit better.

  6. fantastic blocks!
    the designs are so clever.

  7. What are you talking about chickening out? These are absolutely stunning! They will 100% be loved!

  8. Gorgeous blocks . Thanks for sharing Marie (

  9. Love those blocks and they are very 'Scottish". Well done. Di x

  10. Beautiful blocks. I keep on saying that I'd like to join a bee but then I remember what I'm like and know that I'll end up well behind!


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