Saturday 21 September 2013

Gone to seed!

My goodness are things getting that desperate!?   She has finally gone to seed??

Well only in this way I think...

Yes I have been carving more stamps and have printed them in Eggplant this time!   Maybe I should try them out in some other colours  - something warmer, more autumnal!?

Most of us have sent off our gift to our partner in the Stamp it Up Swap!   Several of us have already received - including me!

Yes!  Yipee!

I got a stripey linen pouch - using a pattern I've not seen around before - a pleated pouch stamped with a cute Art Nouveau inspired ivy stamp!  Completed with a lovely button.

This is what is hiding inside - some Lu Summers fabric to continue the lovely botanical theme.

How did Fiona know I love Art Nouveau?   And I actually have lots of different ivy plants in my garden.   How appropriate is that?  

There were also some yummy scraps enclosed even though extras were not permitted - not giving them back now though!  Thanks so much Fiona!

I am plotting what to keep safely in my new pouch.  I love using pouches from friends for storing sewing things and for transporting them while I stitch and travel - it makes me feel a little bit connected to the stitching online community!


  1. Gorgeous stamps and lovely pouch that you received - yay for you !!

  2. Wow! Your stamps are amazing - I love that dandelion one... are you taking commissions????
    And what a gorgeous pouch you got.

  3. Super cute pouch! Those stamps are so fun.

  4. Finally did you say? ;o)

    Cute swap pouch

  5. So cute! Loving the stamping and pouch is lovely. Marie (

  6. I love this group! The top center and bottom lower right are my absolute favorites.

  7. such a gorgeous little pouch :-) Loving your stamps!

  8. You are fairly honing all sorts of skills this week. Lovely wee pouch.

  9. Gorgeous stamps and stunning pouch! That ivy stamp is so nouveau all the way!

  10. Love those stamps Nicky! And that pouch is just gorgeous - I reckon you can stuff a fair bit of stuff in there!!!!!

  11. Good to see you are carving out some time for stamping! Hahaha! Nicky, I am so impressed with your stamping. I have a feeling you are good at almost anything and everything you put your mind to. Great little pouch!

  12. Oh, darling pouch and great stamps, Nicky!
    You do seem to have a real talent for these. I love seeing what you will come up with next...


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