Thursday, 29 August 2013

WIP Wednesday or should that be Thursday?

The muti-tasking strategy could be working at the moment!  Yeah!

Progress on a UFO (one out of nine!)

I have already shown you the schoolhouses, which went from this

to this

More to come ....just got to cut out that background fabric!  Actually that might be my next task!

The bee blocks have got to this stage:

The castle is progressing slightly - from this with lots of pin in 

to this, with an attempt to make a 3D bridge...after all a stone bridge should be quite sturdy, shouldn't it?  Just got that castle to do now Fiona....


Celtic Knot for Cindy- the two easy knots done, the two more detailed ones to do!

Thistle for Veena - started using Turkey stitch to make the thistle head - need lots more stitches though and some leaves!

Nessie for Leanne - is finished off!   She looked like this....

But now she looks like this....she may be departing to her new home soon!  

This is jumping ahead a bit in the order of my bee blocks but I have done this one already so it was easy and now I can concentrate on the new ones!

Just got a few more blocks to get started - I am catching up, I am catching up, I'm catching up, woo wooo!  (Channeling the little engine that could!)

The stamping - aha - new love of my life!   I am still at the playing stage of the Stamp It Up swap and quite frankly there is something on everyone's mosaic that I want to try out so don't be surprised if you see something that could be for you partner, and you, and you!   Don't want to make it too easy for you to guess who my real partner is!

Anyway these arrived in the post!  All Japanese to me but as usual with Japanese craft books lots of pics!

And I made these new stamps!  

An oriental poppy copied out of this design book I have 

available here!  These sort of books are great for sourcing stamping designs - nice line drawings of simple graphic motifs!

A fairy/butterfly from an online image - bit Lucie Mabel Attwell I thought!?

A dog and bone - haha - and an acorn that seems to look more like a spinning top - don't you think?

When I cut the excess off the larger stamps I am making I like to use up the bits if they are big enough - hence these last three!   Can mean I'm holding on with my finger nails to use them though but that just adds to the fun!

Still loving the stampy thing!  

Still so much to learn....and those books will help if I can work out what is going on!

And this new project moved on a bit!   Not an all solid project after all then!  Background being cut from Sketch in grey!  I keep sewing it up wrong - very easy to do and frustrating!   Just waiting on more classic hexies to arrive ...

And one more bee block arrived in the post today - this time from Jennie - making a total of five arrowhead stars.  Waiting on one more to arrive and then I can play around with the layout though this looks pretty good to me though I won't include the rug in the quilt - sorry ran out of wall space!

Phew!   That was a long one!


  1. Wow Nicky! That bridge is so good! And your stamps! Great job...whatever you are works! Fantastic!

  2. Actually I want to shout at you "stop for a second" as it makes me feel so lazy. The houses look great. Hope you remember the names of the colors. Nessie is just cute (need to ask you for one) and I am loving all the inspiration from the stamping.

  3. I am dizzy just imagining you spinning from one lovely project to the next one.

  4. I'm really liking those house blocks Nicky

  5. I know you can, I know you can, I know you can. You did lose me about halfway though ;o)

  6. Blimey, you've been busy! The bridge looks fabulous, as does Nessie and the knots (that sounds like it could be a band!). I love the hexies...damn you, I want to start another hexy project RIGHT NOW! The arrowhead stars/hexies look terrific and I can't wait to see what you do with them - keep going, you can do it!

  7. So much work!! Do you ever sleep?! You're getting really great with the stamping too!

  8. Nothing like a few WIPS to keep you busy! The rainbowness at the bottom of the post had me swooning ;-)

  9. Wow you have been busy even by your standards! Love your blocks & your stamps - setting the bar high for us!

  10. the bridge looks great, the 3D really worked well

    the stamps are very addictive, let me know if you do a class!

    the hexies are looking fable, im waiting for my classics to arrive

    Nessie looks brilliant, have you not made a stamp to match???

  11. You've been so busy and you're getting really good at this stamping malarky!

  12. That bridge looks wonderful and I love the smirk on Nessie's face!

    Your stamping is pretty professional too.

  13. You have been busy. Well done.


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