Saturday, 17 August 2013

Another stampy thing!

The great thing about stamping is that you can repeat the same image over and over again !

The bad thing about stamping is that you get the same image over and over again !

That is unless you do this!

I made a little bird stamp.

Used different colours to stamp it in a strip!  A little colour sample!

So many birds all the same - er except the last two where a bit of the eye came off when I washed the stamp!  (be careful of that won't you)

Too much alike I thought!  Everyone needs a bit of individuality don't they?

Well they have it now!  It is a little hanging but could have been a bit of a tote bag and if only I had stamped them on the horizontal they could have been so many things!

Never mind it is only playing!   

They do seem to have found a funny quirky character - can't help thinking Miss Red is Little Miss Perfect, Mr Blue has a bit of a Mohican thing going on, and Mr Brown is trying to ignore them all, especially the giddy two at the top!

Last day to sign up to the Stamp It Up Swap!  This is going to be fun and I don't want you to miss out!


  1. very cute, love the individual touches to the different birds.

  2. You are such a your birdies!!

  3. Gotta love quirky birds! And hey - I want some of those drugs you must be on ;)

  4. Eep! Little blind bird!!! I like how each has their own personality :)

  5. They are so cute! How brilliant are the details? gorgeous!

  6. which is the early bird? none of them have a worm!

  7. They look like they might be trying for a position in the Ministry of Silly Walks ;o)

  8. Your birdies are making me smile - I love their personalities!


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