Saturday, 10 August 2013

Stamp it up! Swap - wanna play?

Tacha what have you done??  Turns out I love making stamps out of erasers. Who knew!?

Here are some I made at Retreat and since then.  Some are more successful than others I'd say but I have learnt a lot!

These I made at FQ Retreat and were quite easy as the shape was quite boxy and I only had a few details to pick out to make the iconic shapes work.....

I found this a lot harder because of the detail I was trying to get in the face and because of all those curves. If I did it again I think I'd do the cat shape and use a light coloured ink then mark some details in with a pen after stamping....that also means you could print several cats and change their expressions which would be cute!

Here is my latest effort - can you guess who this is meant to be?   Quite a wonderful dog in person!  But I didn't quite get it right as I didn't get it in mirror image.....more important with writing though!  And more of a challenge as I was just leaving the outline!

To sum up it seems easier to me if you stick to straight lines - curves were definitely harder!  Doing just the outline is also a bit harder and you do have to be careful to leave enough so that your line will not break away as you might have to start again!  How do I know??  Yup you guessed!  If doing letters remember you need to flip it round and carve the mirror image of what you want to print!

I do hope you will want to have a go so here are a few tutorials you can try.


Just choose a simple shape to make and you will be fine!

I'm giving you a heads up just in case you fancy joining in a little swap that I am proposing.

All you need to do is 

1 Make a stamp, use it on a piece of fabric (using ink which can be fixed to your fabric - we don't want it washing off do we?)

2 Make something small for your partner using your super dooper fabric!  And send off your item - no extras!  Mailing starts on 14th September.

3 Relax and wait for your package to arrive!

More details are on the Flickr site here.  

Sign up starts today and be quick as places are limited!  Go on you know you want to!

My wonderful friend Helen will be helping to match us all up again and keep us all in order!   She has the toughest job!  But she is up to it!

Feel free to encourage friends, Romans and countrymen or women (should I really do that to Shakespeare?) to play along....and if you really cannot cut your own stamp you can use a commercial one but please give it a go first before giving up!

Any questions - just ask!  

I'm sure I've left something out!  Oh yes a button!  [Thanks Helen! Mwah mwah!]

Stamp It Up!


  1. Your stamps look great- I just cannot justify taking on another new whatever to do... Or I would join in. Can I just cheer from the sidelines, please?

  2. Nicky I tried to look at the Flickr page but couldn't get in to it. I like the sound of this swap (even although I promised myself I wouldn't sign up for anything else until I had finished all my Bee blocks!)

    1. Sorted Fiona - but you know that already! Thanks for mentioning the problem

  3. It does sound like a fun idea, but alas, I have a list of pretty large 'have tos' to get done between now and the end of September, and it would be a project too far! Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with though :o)

  4. I so wish I could join in! the thing is that I have not been able to carve a simple heart yet :(. Still carving and carving and then some more, to get some practice. I will surely join the next round, though. I don't want to lose any Flikr friend now.......LOL

  5. Cute! I love carving stamps too. Can't wait to see more of your work!

  6. Hey Nicky,
    Thanks so much for the invite to your swap. I have so much on and promised myself i would stay put until i finish a few UFO's....also i need to get to some things for Christmas....i will watch on and would love to join again in the NY if you do another one. Your stamps are so cute! x

  7. What tools do you need for it and stock list?

  8. I'm not going to sign up for anything new at the moment, Nicky, but I do think these are fab! I'll look forward to seeing everyone's stamps :)

  9. Ooooh I so want to play! Off to have a nosy at the Flickr group :) Love your stamps - the dog is so cute! Sx

  10. Thanks for inviting me! I think I'll pass for now as my stamp making is not so great and there's a few other things that need doing first!

  11. Nicky, Brilliant idea. I can't commit at this time, but perhaps you will have another one after this one is a huge success!

  12. I can't wait for you all to get started!

  13. Back off holidays with proper computer so going to look up the tutorials now! Next time I go to Wilkos I'm going to buy a great big rubber (uk)

  14. Oh Nicky, thank you for the invite but I must be strong and say no - I have just read thro the three links and might just have a wee play, might be fun to create personal Christmas tags.......

  15. Nicky, this is such a great idea. And I really will stalk what you do there, but September and untill then is so full for me. So sorry that this isn´t later...
    Have fun with your gorgeous stamps!!!

  16. Hope you make this swap again later....

  17. I have just joined will do my mosaic etc asap this sounds really fun and I already think I know what to make! although maybe I should wait to find out who my pardner is first!

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