Saturday 24 August 2013

Bad case of startitis!

Slightly out of my comfort zone I have pieced together a Scottish hillside landscape!  Well that's what it is meant to be...   

I have never done curved free piecing like this before and I have to report that it was a lot easier than I had thought!  There may be more of this in the future though I will probably try a more abstract version next.

I have since added some water and a bridge although those elements still need a bit of stitching - this is another overdue Star of Africa bee block.   There will also be a castle!  I promise!

I seem to have a bad case of startitis at the moment so I thought maybe I should just start all the bee blocks I need to do and see how it goes.

Glad to have got this one started as I have been a bit scared of it and now have found out that I needn't have been!

This next pic shows one of my startitis projects

I have even finished the half hexy ball so all I need to do is the background and I could have a finished top!   First I have to see if I can buy it from my local fabric store!

This is what I hope it will look like when finished - minus that errant white hexy of course!

Since starting this project I have also been mesmerised by the Kona classic hexies - I just love that you get the close shading of bright colours.  There is more of course...

Did I say I've never managed to make a quilt with just solids?  Could this be the one?  

 I am being very pretentious and thinking of calling this one mycelium! 

Just because it reminds me of this...

One up on big hexy balls don't you think?


  1. love those rolling hills and your hexie balls are looking great.
    I quite like that little white non conformist one in the corner.

  2. I don't know. I think "Big Hexy Balls" could be the next catch phrase that sweeps the globe. Just think of it..."What do you think of this new fabric I bought?" "It's Big Hexy Balls!" "What should I make everyone for the holiday?" "Big Hexy Balls!" "Does this dress make me look fat?" "BIG HEXY BALLS!!!"

  3. I'm liking your start-itis!

  4. The landscape is fab, brilliant idea, and the BHB is looking great, are you doing hexies for the background? I am and would recommend against it!!!!! Lol

    But, be still my beating heart, I love love LOVE mycelium! Have you got all those Kona colours or did you get a charm pack?

  5. Love the landscape, curved free piecing is on my "to try" list too.

    I'm with Jen on the "Big Hexy Balls" name, I really think it could catch on :)

  6. I have a highland landscape to finish too! And startitis has been happening here too! Love the rogue hexi!

  7. landscape looks great. always wanted to try one of those, someday!
    OK love that solid hexes, have wanted to make a hexie quilt too! what size are these, I bought a bunch of solids a while back and this might be a good idea to get them out of the closet!

  8. but big hexie balls is much funnier!!!!!

  9. but big hexie balls is much funnier!!!!!

  10. I think your Big Hexy Balls might be Christened now! I am looking forward to seeing the Kona solids Mycelium develop - can see what you mean about the effect of putting the close shades together. And am v impressed with your recall of O-Level Biology :)

    Love the curved piecing - I have ideas developing in my head for a quilt with Kona solids with curves so I may pick your brain (again! I do it a lot don't I?) for curved piecing tips...

  11. Lol, I think you have permanent startitis ;o)

    So which castle are you hitting up? With water is it Eilean Donan?

  12. I love the start of the castle block but the big hexy balls have captured my heart!

  13. Those hexies are looking fantastic


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