Friday 30 August 2013

Back at school!

The kids are back to school and it seems so am I!  Six more Kona school houses!  

Which one would you choose?  Think I'd have to choose a greenhouse!  Haha!

Liking the brighter look with the lighter text/graph paper background.  Got some even darker background to try out - some black for a bit of drama!

Must go looking for more text fabric (good excuse - don't you think? ) - this could be a never ending project!

Think I'm getting better at putting these together - have even made sure the text is the right way up though that uses up more fabric. 

It looks nice though!


  1. love the effect of the lighter alternate blocks.
    really brings them all together beautifully!
    I'd live in the royal blue house, lovely blue colour.

  2. Love your houses!! Especially your green house...

  3. Oh now I like the alternating light & dark backgrounds! And good idea to have the text all the same way - I think it will be a much better effect even if it does use more fabric. I think I would have to live in a purple house - I like the poem "when I am an old woman, I shall wear purple" - except I don't see why I should have to wait until I'm old to wear purple (although my younger self would consider me 'old' already I'm sure!)

  4. It looks wonderful! I think I'll move into the turquoise house that's to the left of the orange house...

  5. I hope you're labelling all those solids as you go!

  6. Yellow house for me please. It looks fabulous

  7. This is looking fabulous Nicky! It's going to be such a striking quilt.

  8. kids back to school? we still wait until September but it seems to get earlier and earlier, im back next Tuesday, with the little darlings following on Wednesday

  9. These are looking great N! Love that wee house pattern! Jxo


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