Saturday 27 July 2013

FQR - what I made!

Well ....closer friends has to come tops of this post as for me that is what is special about this event!  Although I barely got a word with lots of people I know - next time I'll get you!   Or there is talk about meeting up in between times which I will look forward to if it happens - I know everyone is very busy!

And new friends!  Met several people for the first time - all lovely and it is great to put a face to a name!  Some turn out smaller/taller than expected but all enthusiastic about fabric/sewing and the like so no shortage of conversation.

Still many people I missed ....well there is always next year!  Perhaps we should do a speed dating thing so that everyone gets to meet up and know the faces even if we can't remember the names!

But now I come to what I actually did class wise and my projects from the classes!

First up was photography with Judith  - er I will try to take better photos - Work in Progress that one!   No evidence as yet but some do's and don'ts!   I will try to remember Judith!

Next I had cutting stamps out of erasers with Tacha!  Have to say I loved this!  Such fun!   Here are my two stamps and how they print on paper.  

Must go and buy some fabric ink stamp pads as mine are for paper.   Very pleased with my two stamps based on the Mackower fabric in our goody bag!

Nerdy girl that I was I cut this one out at the hotel on Saturday evening!  Bit obsessive I am and totally hooked although this one isn't as clear as there are just two many lines in the face so it is a bit confusing but catching Tacha for a moment she suggested leaving the face blank and adding detail with a pen!  Also means you can change the expressions - will have to try this!

Followed by an intense class with the lovely Joanna and Julianna  - two lovely Polish speaking girls who managed spectacularly to teach a class in English!    We were creating this block which I finished at home!

I made life difficult for myself by using that wood fabric as the desk - it took several attempts to get the grain going in the right - horizontal - direction until Julianna shared her trick with me!  Now I get there a bit quicker!

I am pleased with it and used the lovely text fabric donated by Alison Glass from her new line of fabrics!  Yum!  Loved all the colours it came in!

I have to say now that I couldn't have progressed as far on the day without the help of Liz who let me have a piece of her goody bag fabric as I miscounted the number of fabrics I needed!   Thanks Liz!  Hoping to meet up sometime soon!

My last class was with Lynne - she did mention last year that I omitted to join a class she was teaching so I thought I'd better rectify that.   So I joined her for precision piecing.  I have to put my hand up and say my blocks are not always 100% accurate though I am going in the right direction - I hope!   Joining lots of bees has made me pay more attention to this and a helpful hint or two picked up from Jude and Helen have made a difference.   Thanks girls!

Here are my blocks anyway!

The nine patch - I changed it a bit!

The curved block - facing my fear here but all made simpler using a Sizzix machine to cut out the DP pieces!   Now want to do more of this till I feel comfortable with curves!   Do you love/hate those toucans??  

I just had to buy them and have been wondering what to do with them!  Guess I have the answer!

From now on I will be lining up my fabric on my mat and checking it all with my ruler carefully before cutting.  

It can be a bit tricky for me cutting left handed with a right handed cutter! 

Had you noticed most rotary cutters are for right handers??  I hadn't realised till my friend Carolyn Forster changed my blade around and it has been a lot easier since - doesn't work with every cutter but it does with this one!

Still do things awkwardly at times but less likely to cut myself cutting towards me!  DO NOT DO THAT!

And as for piecing, Lynne said sew your pieces together and the sub-unit measurements are more important than the holy grail of that quarter inch seam.  Apparently not all quarter inch seams are the same!  Pressing can help find a bit extra if needed - do NOT iron your pieced bits! (no going backwards and forwards - up and down only)

Well that's a wrap - my next post is about the shopping ...but you probably don't want to see that do you?


  1. great tips and looks likes you picked fun classes. I love those stamps! I also think the cat is brilliant!

  2. I heard rumours you did really well in the rubber stamp class and the rumours were true. Seems like you did brilliantly well in all your other classes too!

  3. Love those stamps! I would love to give that a try!

  4. Great tips and you got so much achieved! Your stamps are fantastic! Did you find certain types of erasers were better for carving and taking up the ink than others? And I love the Toucans :-)

  5. Great stamps - they are very cool. I nearly bought some erasers today to have a go at this and now I think I definitely will.

    Wow! wow! wow! I love your typewriter block. Your woodgrain desk is perfect and I am so glad that I could help you out with that scrap - tis brilliant.

    I totally missed that precision piecing class - I'd have loved to take that... and need to as well! Your curves look perfect.

  6. I have no idea how you have all your fingers intact using a right handed rotary cutter with your left hand! Love all your FQR makes - you are famous as a rubber stamping prodigy but your precision piecing is just as impressive -especially the curves!

  7. Fab stamps. Lovely to meet you, and of course we want to hear about the shopping. Need to know that everyone bought stuff so it makes me feel better about spending more than I should have!

  8. Well done :o) I haven't finished a single thing *hangs head in shame*

  9. love your typewriter block it is fantastic!! the fabrics are excellent. the stamps look like fun and your precision blocks look so perfect well done.
    now what was that about not showing your shopping? Of course we want to see your purchases.

  10. Thanks for sharing the tips, second hand is better than not at all!!!!

  11. Your typewriter is fab! And yes I very much love those Toucans, Mixteca is one of my all time favourite fabric lines, I still have several half yards I don't know what to do with- I made a skirt I wore on the Saturday at the retreat with the Sparrow print. I also didn't notice that about cutters, but mine is one without a squeezy handle on it so I've never noticed when I cut (I'm left handed too).

  12. I never knew you were left-handed! Me too :-)
    Rotary cutters can be a total pain, but I use one like the above and it really helps.

  13. I love your typewriter block - wow! The toucans look fantastic in your (very precise!) precision block and your stamps are marvellous - can't wait to see what you make next!

    P.S. I also cut towards myself and have people gasping in horror and covering their eyes whenever they see me use a rotary cutter...

  14. Wonderful work as always, and I LOVE your stamps!

  15. I definitely think that you were top of the class in the stamp class. I was definitely bottom.... Di x

  16. You are an artist, Nicky! Love those stamps! It looks like you had some very informative classes. Great job Nicky!

  17. Sounds like a great mix of classes, I love your taxi stamp!

  18. I'm so jealous of your fun experiences. thanks for sharing; at least I can live vicariously through you.

  19. Your typewriter is wonderful! All points are perfectly matched! I love also the precision of your other blocks - for sure the classes with Lynne was great.


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