Thursday 11 July 2013

Bee block for my Bee a Brit Stingy mates in August!

As I am going to FQR soon -  eek a week tomorrow! - I thought I could post my bee block for Bee a Brit Stingy here, a bit early, so anyone going who is super organised could give me their blocks ( sorry Sheila - only if they have finished yours first of course)  and any not coming would not have to wait for me to post the how to when I get back!   We do like to save on postage in this bee and who wouldn't at the price we have to pay these days.

Anyway totally smitten by Karen's blocks here I decided on the cross block but a little bit different!

I am keeping this block as a rectangle and off-setting them when I put them together - like this!  It means sewing a few partial seams but I'm not afraid of those -  Mwahahahaha!  A technique picked up from Sarah Fielke's Craftsy class Big Techniques from Small Scraps (loved it BTW)  but also in her book Quilting from Little Things in the Night Garden quilt!

To make these blocks you need a focus print - the orange deer in the example below and some Low Volume background.   

Cut 2.5" strips of both 

The cross is made from two 2.5" squares and one rectangle 2.5" x 6.5".

The LV background is made from two 2.5" squares and four 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles.

Sew as per photo in rows and sew rows together with a scant quarter inch seam. 

Please do check that the 2.5" squares are aligned opposite each other as the cross looks all wonky if not.  That is the only tricky bit I think!   The long cross bar should be horizontal as all mine are!

[here is a tip from Sheila to help with this bit!]

Press all seams towards the focus print - this helps the cross to stand out.  

My colours seem to be anything bright but no red, brown or black!   And I seem to have gone quite dark with some of my background so would prefer lighter LV prints if you have them!  No matter what I seem to include - novelty, large print, small print, text, spots, geometrics - it all seems to work!

Your blocks should end up as 10.5" x 6.5" unfinished.   I'd love two blocks as above and if you don't mind a siggy block in reverse like this one!

The LV is the cross and the focus print is the background.   As you can see I have embroidered my deets on this one but I do not expect you to do this!   Writing your deets in pencil is sufficient.   I will be doing the embroidery - unless you insist!

I hope this is sufficiently easy and laid back, after all the holidays are here and who wants to sweat over something complicated when chilling or running after the kids is what you need to do!

I must say I am finding them quite addictive!   This could be another big quilt!  


  1. Great minds think alike Nicky....I wanted to get this months done so I wouldn't disappoint my queen bee for the month of August. seriously though I am like Karen at Blueberry park...The pressure is on to find a good block...all of them have been great. Another great block to make.

  2. Oh, lovely! Crosses seem to be becoming all the rage at the moment! Sx

  3. This will be fun Nicky, will be glad to get going on it, August is shaping up for me to be uber busy!

  4. Hoping I can do them by the retreat, if not will give them to you when I see you in August! Must reply to your email ;-)

  5. They look great and I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

  6. These look fab but I've not done my July blocks yet in any of my bee's so I think I won't be tackling these until August or until after the Retreat.

  7. Very beautiful block! That would make a gorgeous mug rug too. I'm going to enjoy your blog! Its really lovely... Have a great weekend!

  8. This looks really great! Must make a + quilt one day. I really like them.

  9. Great block, hopefully I can get them done by the weekend

  10. Love this - thanks so much!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  11. excellent...and at least i know how to do these!

  12. oh I am so glad I found this!!!! I have to make this quilt
    thank you for sharing


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