Tuesday 2 July 2013

In case I didn't have enough quilts to finish.....

I decided to start another one!

Well before you call up the medical people and shuffle me off to my own private room I committed to this one ages ago.   The fabric was donated by Liz Allen to make a quilt for Siblings Together.

It is this lovely fabric here!

Now this fabric is not something I would normally buy and obviously I am missing a trick as I love how it looks with this pattern!

So yesterday after buying enough cream background fabric I got very busy cutting out.

Nice enough pattern but oops that is not quite right!

 That's better....

Then after a bit of HST magic .....so pretty, even if I say so myself!

Quilt in a day?  Well almost!  My sewing machine is now slowly cooling off - we were both steaming from the ears!

All blocks are done and are now stitched together - I just need to add a few borders and quilt it!! 

Maddie says: What??  Another quilt??  We really need one of those!  
Me:  It's ok Maddie this one is going to be given away!

edited to add:  Just looked again at the fabrics and particularly that top left/bottom right print!   No wonder I thought the fabric and pattern were suited - that print is the pattern!  Duh!


  1. In a day!!!??? Looking good!

  2. Gorgeous quilt. It's going to make someone very happy.

  3. Very pretty. Mind the en in the white coats when you turn around!!! Love ya. Di x

  4. What a difference between the first and final arrangement! It looks fantastic now!

  5. That is one gorgeous quilt top!!! You have done a great job :D

  6. Gorgeous! Well done to you and the machine ;)

  7. Love this fabric - I used it for my Stained quilt - you did great xxx

  8. You realise you're a whisker away from being certifiable! Jxo

  9. love those blocks at all three stages!
    You are amazing.

  10. Beautiful Nicky. You do such nice work, and so quickly!

  11. He'll fire, in a day? Well done though, it looks lovely

  12. You're hilarious. Absolute loon. But what you've made is wonderful. It's a beautiful pattern for this fabric. Brilliant job.

  13. At least you'll have plenty of quilts to hang on the padded walls of your room in the hospital...

  14. just think a rooftop yourself where you can sew without interruptions! !!! how funny that the design was in the fabric!

  15. Gorgeous...AGAIN!!

    Nora xx


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