Friday 1 June 2012

Umbrella Prints Competition - voting begins!

I know you may be fed up with FQ this and FQ that so here is something else to divert you!

A while ago I told you I was entering the Umbrella Prints Trimmings 2012 Competition - well the entries are displayed on this Pinterest pinboard! for all to see - nestled amongst them is my entry

It is a book to hold all the bits of your block together between iron and sewing machine or if handsewing when out and about!  A mini design wall if you like - but block sized!  [My previous post gives more details here!]

I may even take it with me this weekend so I can handsew in between other things!  If you are there ask me to show it to you!

Anyway the voting is by re-pining your favourite entries - the one with the most repins wins!  I would of course be delighted if you would vote for me but do go and look at the lovely things people have made from little scraps of hand screenprinted fabrics.  

That is the inspiring bit - all the lovely and very different things that have been made.

I can also see a lovely pencil case by Katy Cameron, a quilt by Leanne and there should be some coasters by Karen Lewis!  

Voting is until 7th June!  You do need a Pinterest account to vote and need to be invited to join Pinterest - am happy to invite you but will be out of contact on Saturday and Sunday!  Just leave a comment with your email!

Have fun and be inspired - personally I love the little concertina book - not everything needs to be sewn - think about joining in next year!


  1. What fun to see all the amazing entries! Have fun at the retreat!

  2. That's so cute! Good luck and I hope you have an awesome time at the retreat =D

  3. good luck in the competition Nicky - I love your project so you'll have my vote :)


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