Thursday 21 June 2012

More Improv Letters

Yesterday I showed you how to make the letter 'e' and 'a'!

I have based my tutorials on Tonya Ricucci's book Word Play Quilts  Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter.

Today it is the turn of all those letters with a slanting line!

We need strips of fabric - one for the letters and one for the background.

Again we start in the middle of our block - I started with a strip of background   then sewed my letter fabric at an angle face down to the face of  the background fabric.  Next I cut along the raw edge of the seam and sewed the little bit of background I had just cut off back onto my letter fabric.

Then I attached a letter strip to each side of my stage 1 block and ended up with  the letter 'n' or turn it upside down for the letter 'u'.  

Add another slanting letter section and another letter section and you have an 'm' or 'w'

Add a longer side section on the left and more background fabric and you have the letter 'h' .... 

 Leave the end section off on the right hand side and you have the letter 'r'!  

Easy isn't it?  Makes me think why I never did this before?  Now you have the hang of it what words will you be making?  


  1. It'll be sweary ones if you make me make anything else in the near future ;o)

  2. Great tutorial! Did you see Lucy's "If I were a carpenter" - Quilt? Loved it so much!

  3. I'm with Katy here. This dull place of mine needs a bit of sassy. Maybe a wall quilt hanging in the entry hall saying 'Welcome all b*tches'? Or a new quilt for the bed 'No sleep - just f**k'
    I'm a naughty girl.
    I need some fun!
    Will have to dive into this lettermaking. Who knows - I could come up with some really really naughty statements that will shock the family - now THAT would be fun *LOL*

  4. Great tutorial Nicky! I love words in quilts...makes them so personal.

  5. I nearly just wet myself laughing at Rosa's comment! Great tutorial, can't wait to give it a go :o)

  6. Laughing out loud with Rosa! We need to keep an eye on that girl! Thanks for the breakdown for making letters. It's been a real mystery to me!

  7. The way I am feeling now..."Brush your teeth properly; please tidy up your stuff; be quiet and go to sleep, you have school tomorrow" - save me saying it EVERYDAY!

  8. These will be great! How are you doing with Patti's block?

  9. you make it look very easy - but we'll see :)


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