Tuesday 26 June 2012

Latest Improv Word!

I had a bit of fun on Sunday making the third improv word block for my wall hanging.  The others will I hope be supplied by my bee buddies from Sew & Bee Happy !  They are certainly signing up for the brave souls and some seem to be looking forward to the challenge...?

This time I tried something a little bit different from the other two!  Might be getting a bit wilder as I go along, throwing caution to the wind cos it's fun!

Anyway here is a fuzzy rendition of the new one 

When I met Janine in Lewes recently I spotted the Lynette Anderson "Stitches" fabric which I have used as a tapered sashing on this block and went with the blue colours for the rest of the block!  I love graphics and stitching so this word had to shout about itself a bit - though now I wish I had made it shout a bit more!

And here are my three blocks :

So if you fancy doing a bit of improv words believe me - they are not as tricky as they seem.  If you go wrong you add a bit on or chop a bit off - my kind of piecing!  I have posted links to my previous posts, which attempted to show you how, on the tutorials page and am happy to answer your questions if I can!

In fact improv means there is no wrong - I think!


  1. Your Improv Words look great! I really love words in quilts! It adds a touch of whimsy!

  2. You're building up a great collection there :o)

  3. You got me thinking.....if you had to pick one word as your own....one word to comfort you and inspire you...one word to live by.....what would t be.

    I asked my dh as he was falling asleep last night.....he wasn't impressed. He was falling asleep after all, and he is a bit of an engineer. He just doesn't think that way.

  4. Looking good there! How many are you planning on making? =D

  5. I'm going to have a crack at this next week before I go away in July. Can you remind me, do you want the block any particular size or colour? jxo

  6. These are just as good as the ones in the book! Should look great


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