Sunday 17 June 2012

It has been a while....

...since I last wrote a post!  I have not disappeared I have just been elsewhere!

I got the sudden urge to host a framed purse swap inspired by the brilliant Katy Jones who taught us how to make one while at the Fat Quarterly Retreat!  And nudged into it by the lovely Helen.  We thought we'd limit it to 30 swappers but seem to have collected 39!  It's true I can't count to 30!

Well we have just sent out partner allocations after a bit of head scratching to find the best fit among a fabulous bunch of swappers!  I am so pleased by the lovely people who have showed up and joined in!

I just hope you have fun stalking your partner for information and find what you need to inspire you for the fantastic purses I know you will be making!

While all this was going on I have been trying to catch up with my bee blocks

These will go in the post on Tuesday - my posting day!  Lots more still to do!

And my FAL list!  Think that one might need some better photos if the weather will co-operate!

And even found time to meet Janine aka Rainbow Hare!

We were chatting a lot while browsing the shops in Lewes!  We plan to meet up again!  Thanks Janine for coming along and for the very kind gift of her own  hens eggs!  They got home safely!


  1. I love your bee blocks - the blocks for BB are particularly striking!

  2. Great sewing and socialising has been happening despite all the organising. Impressive!

  3. Good luck with the purse swap - lots of work, but satisfying!

  4. Excellent work there missus - multi-tasking at its best x

  5. good luck with the swap.. you are so brave for taking this on xx

  6. Wow i can't believe that you met Janine!!!! What was she doing over! Hey I think you are doing a great job on the swap and keeping us up to date with all the elephant and what about those slow coaches....there's always one!

  7. Lovely bee blocks. Nice to see you meeting up with Janine. It is fun to meet up with others. Di x

  8. You were only meant to be borrowing Helen's fingers to count people up, not her toes too ;o)

    Great job with the blocks :o)

  9. I'm so glad your swap is off with a bang. What a great idea you guys had!

    I am so in love with your Bee Blessed blocks. They're just beautiful!

  10. Glad to hear the purse swap got such a great response!

    Love the bee blocks too! =D

  11. Very lovely blocks! I need to get cracking on Annika's block!

  12. great blocks - hope you have a bit more time now that the swap partners are done !

  13. You made some great blocks! I've been following Janine for a long time now, but I dont think I've ever seen a pic of her.


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