Saturday 30 June 2012

Last of the FAL projects round 2!

I stuck my hand up to complete 4 projects for this round of Rhonda's Finish-along!

I have completed three but think one doesn't really count as it is only a finished top and not a finished quilt but that will be sorted out in the next round I hope!

So I have less than a week and one project to finish!

I have been putting this one off a bit ....shall I tell you why?

I love this quilt and really didn't want to spoil it with awful quilting!   

I started quilting it a couple of days ago....

I am FMQing it - to death !  Or what some poeple might call custom quilting it...!

Now I looked in my gorgeous case of Aurifil threads and bravely  foolhardishly chose one that would show up - a lot!  Still it didn't seem too bad at the start on the dark coloured hexagons

But I don't like the look on these!

So a change of top thread colour gave me this

Which I am happy with ....pity I quilted seven hexies in the dark colour before I decided on the colour change!  Oh well my unpicker and I will become good friends soon but not till I quilt the rest of it!

Here is the back

Will I finish by Staurday?  Well that remains to be seen....

Wish me luck then!


  1. wow - seriously impressive FMQing there! Good luck :-D

  2. Blimey, no wonder you've been quiet!! It's looking fabulous and I can't wait to see more!

  3. Lookin' good--I commend your patience!! :-)

  4. the quilting looks fantastic!!
    the unpicking will be worth it as the lighter colour looks fantastic on the lighter blocks.
    The cheer squad is firing up.

  5. Ooo good luck with finishing it! The FMQ'ing is fantastic though! :)

  6. Well done SS. Good luck with the unpicker, the paler colour is lovely and soft. Soon be done.

  7. oh good luck, I have about a fq size left of my second quilt and then the binding....eeek

  8. I swear! If you can do this on just a regular machine - I can imagine what you would do with a longarm machine!

  9. What a cool FMQ pattern! Thread is a tough thing to choose when quilting! Good luck on finishing it off! =D

  10. Oooh, loving the variety of FMQ there. I'm ignoring my FAL list right now...

  11. Nicky you are soooo good at the FMQ. It is fantastic, even the dark part that you have unpicked! Di x

  12. It is going to be simply amazing!

  13. that quilting is fabulous :)


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