Monday 13 February 2012


You may have noticed a bit of wonky behaviour on this blog of late culminating in my completion of 11 wonky houses!

Before that I was tempted into wonkiness first by the lovely Susan and her brilliant wonky star quilt which she exported to Finland I think! 

And then I was drawn into it by the innocent seeming Judith with the first block in the Bee Blessed bee.  This resulted in some Wonky Star Bee blocks
but continued into twinkle !  A baby quilt I made and have now handed over to baby Alia!

I wanted a little more wonkiness in my life and signed up for the Wonky Houses Swap.  Well it appears that even that amount of wonkiness has not sated my desire for one step short of madness so the next round of Wonkiness has been announced and we will be continuing in our wayward ways but focusing on trees next.

This round is open to you all to sign up but will be run differently.  We make either 4, 8 or 12 wonky tree blocks in green, or coloured fabrics or both !  We send them to Jane and she kindly redistributes them!   This round starts on 1 March and we must get our blocks to Jane by 1 May.  Fancy joining us? 

The information on Round two is here! 

There are more rounds planned...for more information on those click here! 

Join me if you will in the wonky world....


  1. Your wonkiness is lookin' great. Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Man, see these other bloggers that lead you astray... ;o)

  3. I will keep a keen eye on your wonk from here!

  4. Can't go wrong with wonky. If there is a mistake you just say it is supposed to be like that. You have fun with your trees. I am too snowed under right now with projects to even contemplate taking something else on.

  5. Am tempted cos I love a bit of wonky too! But I really must learn to say no! Too much on already! Jxo

  6. loving your wonkiness! that star quilt is awesome xxxxx

  7. Still love that wonky baby quilt. Stars that is not the baby.!!!

  8. The wonkiness looks like a lot of fun!

  9. love all of your wonky blocks Nicky - and especially that little teapot :) and fabulous twinkle quilt - can't wait to do those wonky stars


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