Thursday, 2 February 2012

More about Greens and lots of other stuff!

I do like French Beans, peas, broccoli and lettuce just to let you know that I try for that healthy diet.

But that is not what this post is about!  Surprised??

I have finished off the lovely block for Kat and wanted to give you a glimpse before it travels around the world to summer!  I was thinking why does Kat want a picnic blanket now but duh of course it is summer downunder while we are enjoying brass monkey weather!  

[Glorious sunshine today just not the warmth to go with it!  And driving my kids to school means I get to see fabulous sunrises with pink tinged clouds and sky - almost worth getting up for - a free display to gladden the heart!]

This block was made for the Sew & Bee Happy Bee which you can find here!

Liking this block - so thanks Kat, liked Cindy's too last month (though it did look scary to me), so looking forward to next month....

Do you like to check out new blogs!?

If so, you may want to drop past my local friend Nora who has recently started a blog and enjoys crochet!  She is much inspired by attic24 !  Mary - you need to get that crochet hook at the ready!

There is nothing worse than blogging into thin air - we all know that - so if you don't mind perhaps you would be kind enough to say hello!  

Sorry Nora I pinched these photos from your blog so that people could see what they were missing...hope you don't mind!?

I got into a crochet mood myself yesterday when my friend Eloise invited me to teach her how to crochet a rose like the one on the pouch the lovely Judith made for me. 

I have to confess I have not made one before but we followed this tutorial at Heidi Bears.

I am cursing the fact that I forgot to take a photo of Eloise's rose as she finished hers.  Katy, her lovely daughter, on an INSET day off school, and I were too slow to finish yesterday!  This is my unfinished one...ok not up to much yet I know but I am better at knitting than crochet I have to say!

And they taught me a bit of chinese painting - now that was fun!

First up is the one by Eloise, then her daughter Katy's and lastly my geriatric one!  Haha!

Here are a couple they did earlier in true Blue Peter fashion - beautifully modelled by the lovely Katy!

Lastly I have another secret little project in the process of being made - here is a glipmse....getting closer to sending that parcel!  Eek!

What could this be, I wonder....?


  1. Just been over to say hello to Nora! I love the green picnic at the top - far from picnic weather here I might add, so I will just have to dream of summer.

    Pomona x

  2. Popped over to see Nora, I love her covered jar!! Love the green block and the sneak peek!

  3. Now that is a giant pawmark if ever I saw one.......

  4. That block is gorgeous!! I'm loving all this talk of sunshine but it is blooming freezing! I try to get the kids to look into as much as possible at the moment - all those vitamins and positive vibes or whatever it is that it does!!

  5. Hi Nicky...was popping over to see what you were up to and ask a question...was reading away when I scrolled down and saw my makes!!! What a lovely surprise! Thank you xx

    Anyhow...I'm thinking of braving a quilt and the most sensible size for the blocks seems around 10" (before seams, so 9" finished) wondered what's a good size for a's blocks of 5x6? Gonna aim for the orange quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew here...

    Thanks for any help N x

  6. I stopped by to see Nora. I really like your quilt block with the vibrant greens. Your painting is great! I bet that was fun to make.

  7. love the fresh crisp green colours and your wonky star looks great.
    What a creative afternoon, crochet, painting...very civilised.
    Your sneak peak looks interesting..

  8. Love the block and the peaky!
    Stop trying to make me start crocheting - I haven't got time!!

  9. Looks like a fun day, love your geriatric rabbit :oD

  10. ...think I've sorted it!

    N x

  11. Love your block with all those greens. And I think your Chinese painting is great:)

  12. I have to agree - that rabbit looks positively arthritic! Love your greens! And I think you're teasing a doggie lover there! Jxo

  13. Good lord you ever stop and sleep, i can't keep up with all these goodies that you are making. Love the pincushion!


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