Tuesday 7 February 2012

More little pencil cases!...?

Forget pencil cases the little pouch I made at the weekend is now keeping some beaded necklaces safe for me.  I have lots of bead necklaces as I delight in making them too.  Hence my need for more little pencil cases necklace pouches - here is my little collection so far.. 

Love a bit of wicker don't you?

As you can see I have altered the original design - which you can find here!  It is now longer and in my second new version it has a tab on each end!

The purple one uses fabric I dyed myself on a workshop many moons ago with the lovely Helen Deighan - my eldest now 18 was a baby at the time and Helen kindly managed to entertain her as well as run the workshop!  I like the rough texture of the dyed old cotton sheet against the smooth printed fabrics - again I used one of Karen's lovely triangle prints!  I love these but am eking them out in tiny morsels so I still can make more things with them!

Why purple? - to match my purple necklaces of course!

Now the red one obviously houses my red necklaces and uses fabric from a jelly roll of Reunion I bought at the recent Ardingly Spring Quilt show, plus a print fabric and some solid red!  The inside is a red on white flower print!  

My tabs at either end are a small section of VV Rouleaux braid which I adore and am glad to have found a home for!

Even the way the braid is displayed is gorgeous - I would love to visit one of their shops in London one day...!  Sigh - would have to save up first!  


  1. Love these pouches and they'd make a lovely present, especially if you hid a necklace/bracelet inside! Your purple fabric looks lovely - must be nice to get it out after all this time and find you still like it!

  2. Nicky ...they are Gorgeous xxxx you are such a crafty devil xxxxx

  3. A very speedy one too! It is a great idea - very clever!

    Pomona x

  4. I love your pouches. Color coordinated and everything! love that!

  5. Nicky! These are fantastic! And I agree with you that ribbon and it's little card is gorgeous. Don't you just love pretty ribbon?

  6. How sweet are these pouches!
    We had a VV Rouleaux in Glasgow for a while - very pricey, very beautiful and the first time I visited with a friend I almost hyperventilated - she said "Sheila, for goodness sake, it's only haberdashery!"

  7. Can I come too when you go to VV?! ;-)

  8. Lol, that could turn into a neverending circle of makes. They look fab though, so I guess that wouldn't be too hard...

  9. Great idea SS, may have to borrow that one.

  10. The pouches look fab and I love the way they hang up. I have never, ever been that organised though!

  11. Great pouches and a great way to use them!


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