Sunday 5 February 2012

New pincushion and pencil case!?

I love Karen's screen print fabrics ...

I also love what she makes with them....have a look here!

Now I love my new pincushion using a circle of her scrappy daisy fabric, some blue linen, some toy stuffing and stitching in my lovely Aurifil thread!   I have to confess the original idea is Karen's but I have added my own little twist!

I echoed Karen's daisy design in a contrasting thread, made a stem and some leaves.  Then I decided to finish the edge off the edge with the word flower and some simple flower designs and just to break the monotony I stitched a and the word buzz!   The edge has been left raw - so no turning inside out and no hand stitched closure - all done by machine which was a little bit tricky at the end!

Loving it though and thinking of stitching more words in future projects!  Funny thing is I seem to write better with a sewing machine than pen or pencil!   But it would be a bit hard to carry my Bernina around to produce my signature....hehe!

My second little project was this little pencil case.... using Karen's triangle fabric!  I was surprised at how small this is and would use it more as a little change purse rather than a pencil case.   

But I have now bought Amy's hexiecase pattern so that will provide a bit more room for that sort of thing!



  1. Really cute fabric and I love what you made with it!

  2. love karens stuff !! you have made some cute things !!

  3. I love the hexicase - it is very roomy - mine is just right for sock knitting. But I love your makes, too!

    Pomona x

  4. Ha! Would love to see that in the queue for the food at Sainsbury's whislt you lug out the bernina to sign the cheque. Aren't you glad for chip and pin now? Lovely projects SS. The hexie pencil case is a great idea. Clever Amy.

  5. Love the pincushion and purse/pencil case!

  6. Love the fancy stitching on the pin cushion, and yes, that pencil case is perhaps more suited to Ikea pencils... ;o)

  7. Great makes and I remain in awe of your fm embroidery.

  8. Great makes and I remain in awe of your fm embroidery.

  9. that little pincushion is beautiful! I love the screen printed fabric too a v talented lady! x

  10. Thant's really creative, Nicky! Hope your day is beautiful!!!!

    Kristin ♥

  11. wow, Nicky, they both look fab! I love your embroidery writing...what a talent and that little purse is too cute!

    Thank you for the lovely comments and can't wait to see what comes next! (that's not've just got me excited!)


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