Wednesday 16 March 2011

Little Tudor Princess

Here are a couple of photos of my little Tudor princess:

She has a suede leather bag with her tankard, knife, spoon and napkin inside.  What more could a Tudor girl want?   She borrowed the cloak from her brother which I had made for him to appear as King in a school pantomime.  I couldn't have foreseen how well it would go with this outfit!

I do love making a costume or between other things.  What costumes have you made?  A friend is dressing up as a cat to do a charity walk for Red Nose Day.  She has made a really good black/white tail, ears and even a white bib to wear over her black lycra walking gear!  Meow she will be the cat's pyjamas!

Now back to patchwork I guess.

Have a great week - sadly mine started with a bit of a bump - fell off the horse on Monday! Ouch!  But looking forward to Friday - I might even tell you what I get up to then...



  1. this is amazing! i need to start making more costumes. I am not good at it at all.

  2. Hello I'm Nicky's youngest daughter. The one in the photo! I had an AMAZING time at the feaat, plus no one would stop ooohing and ahhhhhhhhing at my dress. I think my dress is FAB thanx a bunch mum!

  3. Wonderful!!!! You did an amazing job, it looks fabulous!!! The necklace goes well too!


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