Wednesday 9 March 2011

Giveaway on Little Island Quilting

Do you fancy a half yard each of these beautiful fabrics:
  • Tufted Tweets Birds on a Wire in Grass
  • Lime Ta Dot
  • Anthology Candy Shop
  • Wild Thyme Pods in Blue?

If the answer is yes (and why wouldn't you) then follow this link to Little Island Quilting where quiltilicious is giving this away - how generous can she be??

She is willing to ship "this happy accident" anywhere and will leave this open until Sunday 12 March  12 midday(GMT).

What a great giveaway and just imagine what you could do with this fabric???  I know I am....

 No sewing done today but I am planning lots tomorrow and for a few days to come.  Or rather my youngest daughter is planning on me doing some.  Next Wednesday she has been invited to a Tudor feast at school, suitably attired of course, and therein lies the problem.  So I will be making a Tudor dress for the occasion and between you and me I am quite looking forward to it.  My only worry was the rather specialised headress they used to wear but thanks to a tip from a friend I think I can attach some stiffened fabric to a headband and all should be well.  This is the sort of thing required:

Wish me luck - I may just have exceeded my abilities but wait and see...

Happy sewing to one and all!!!!  Or happy whatever else you get up to!


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