Monday, 7 March 2011

Birds of a feather...

Today I should be riding - another of my hobbies - but instead I am taking my 13 year old son to a Rock guitar exam.  The sun is shining here although the temperature was 1.5C at 8am and there was frost on the car windscreen.  My 10 year old daughter took some of our first daffodils into school for the teacher's staff room.  I do think Spring is on its way!  Hooray!!  

In honour of the imminent arrival of Spring I am showing you some cross stitch pictures my mum and I did when I was about 15 years old (ooh a long time ago now).  They are of Danish design and I am displaying them by my front door.  The blue tit is kept company by some glass bird paperweights that I collect - fabric is not my only addiction....!

a long-tailed tit by me

a wren by me

a blue tit by mum

a goldcrest by mum

 Enjoy your weather and I hope it's as good as what we have here, or better!


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  1. Hello Nicky. Thanks for your comment on our blog, it's so lovely to meet you. Your embroideries are beautiful! We had some lovely sunshine here today. Perfect weather to do garden work.


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