Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Scraptastic Sampler

Scraptastic Tuesday

I have already shown you my design for my next Scraptastic Sampler

And here is the same quilt design in a different colourway

So far I have just cut out the alternate plain squares, as you can see here in preparation for a bit of fun block making.

I have not started on that first block yet - hopefully next week! 

If you fancy joining in you may wish to use a different colour scheme altogether so I have prepared a blank version in case you want to play with your own colours.  

And here you can download it, print it out, to do some colouring in - it is therapeutic after all!   


  1. This looks wonderful Nicky. I love the colours in the first layout but it's so interesting to see how different the same quilt looks in a different colourway - never fails to amaze me!

  2. I love both colourways! Looking forward to seeing everyone's blocks!

  3. I'm a newby and love this idea. Can't wait to start!


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