Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Scraptastic Sampler 2016 - Block 3 Kansas Star

Scraptastic Tuesday

This block, Kansas Star, is based on a 3 x 3 grid - a glorified nine patch if you like.

Each ninth part is made from a square in a square block, like this one - which is the centre unit.


 Cutting requirements for each block

Nine 4 1/2" squares:  one pink; four purple; and four white
Thirty six 2 1/2" squares:  four white; sixteen grey; eight purple; and eight turquoise

How to make the square in a square unit

1 Centre unit - make one
Take the 4 1/2" pink square and four 2 1/2" white squares

 Draw a diagonal line on each of the small squares. With right sides together, line up the first white square in the top left corner.  The marked line should touch the edges of the bigger square, as in the photo.

Stitch along the line and trim away leaving a 1/4 "  seam allowance.

Repeat in the other four corners. 

2 Corner Unit - make four

Repeat the process in step 1, using a 4 1/2" purple squares, and four 2 1/2" grey

3 Middle Unit - make four 
Repeat the process in step 1 using a 4 1/2" white square, two 2 1/2" turquoise
 squares on the top and two 2 1/2" purple squares on the bottom of the bigger square. 

When all units are complete arrange as in the block diagram above.

Stitch together in horizontal rows as below...

Press seams within the row in alternate directions - row 1 to the left, row 2 to the right  or press seams open if preferred.

To join rows, line the seams up, pinning if necessary and stitch. When completed press.

Here is one of my blocks 

Make three more blocks.

In case you have chosen a different colourway here is a blank version of the whole quilt for you to download and play with your own colours.  

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