Sunday, 7 August 2016

First blouse!

I have made three skirts and almost a fourth - it just needs hemming and I will need some help with that.  I decided I needed to try a different garment. 

So a blouse seemed to be the next obvious thing to try.  I have a couple of patterns to chose from, both from Colette and I went with the beginner pattern - the Jasmine:


It is a beginner pattern because there are no zips or buttons so it is meant to have a looser fit. I was briefly thinking I should try to pattern match but as the back and front pieces are cut on the bias this proved too much for my novice head but the busy fabric makes it seem ok, I think.

My fabric came from The Village Haberdashery - Abacus Grow in Charcoal, designed by Alison Glass.  

Image result for alison glass grow   

It went quite quickly together, the instructions seemed very clear and easy to follow.  I am not usually a fan of puffed sleeves and ties - I doubt I would have tried this on in a shop but I am happy enough with this make and will definitely be wearing it with some trousers - I have a pair on my list but I will need to work up to making those!

Bit of a selfie....

And here it is on the hanger 

Another finish from my quarter three list !   Was intending to make another but I think it would suit a lighter fabric - a cotton lawn or shirting.  This was a quilting cotton weight and is perhaps on the heavy side for a short sleeved blouse.  Looks ok on though so I will be wearing it.

This is my eighteenth finish from my FAL list!   I'll be linking it up at the end of this quarter. 

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. Lovely finish- and blouses are not so very difficult are they?

    Just a nosy question, did you put the sleeves in, in the round or on the flat?

    If at all possible, I put sleeves in flat these days- so much simpler! Not always manageable though...

  2. Good lord, I can't keep up with your output! You will have to arrange a Fashion Show, funds going to Siblings Together!

  3. You are on a roll! !! I think the blouse looks amazing.

  4. You are on a roll! !! I think the blouse looks amazing.

  5. Brilliant! I think I need some of your sewing mojo to rub of on me this quarter - only one thing finished and I've not even posted about that yet!!

  6. Clever you!! Your blouse looks so lovely.

  7. This turned out great! Pretty and a nice fit too! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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