Saturday, 20 August 2016

More covered boxes!

On my FAL list were several cardboard boxes I wanted to cover using my FAL tutorial here.

Above are the ones I made when I posted the tutorial as part of  FAL Tutorial week.  They are a fun way to use up scraps and to make a boring box much prettier.  I use them to keep all sorts of scraps in - scrappy binding leftovers, strips, squares, bonus HSTs and those triangles leftover from making flying geese or square in a square blocks that I haven't converted into bonus HSTs.

It is surprising just how much fits inside them.

I made these slightly differently adding a contrast strip to the top of the box or the sides.   

It started when I found a strip of 2 1/2" squares in yellow and green.  I added it to some green fabric leftover from my hoopla quilt.  I adjusted the measurements as a result, adding in an extra 1/2" seam allowance to the constituent parts so that I still end up with my 12" X 15 1/2" rectangle.  It seemed a good idea to use up scraps found inside this box to help cover it.

The second box I used a whole 2 1/2" strip round the top of the box and then used the same fabric inside.   The third box has a different fabric on the short sides of the box - ok I admit is wasn't where I intended it to be but I was half watching the Olympics and not concentrating fully.  It still looks good though - better than the cardboard boxes anyway!

One more this morning and that is it for now - still managing to add the strip to the side rather than the top - grrrr!  I finished this one by joining the outer with a running stitch in floss along the top which actually holds it together and is quite decorative.

Note to self :   To add a strip to the side add it to the 15 1/2" side, to add a strip to the top edge add a strip to the 12" side!  I might have to do one last one to confirm this!  I will add this note to update my tutorial.  Better to have everything in one place.

And here they are in my wall unit where I keep them - they fit snuggly on the shelves and look tidy and colourful.   But they are useful as well.

As they are all different I am hoping I can remember what is inside each one.   If I keep forgetting I will add a small label to the ribbon handle to remind me.

This is my nineteenth finish from my FAL list!   I'll be linking it up at the end of this quarter. 

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. Love these. I can't believe I've missed them before. Now to start collecting boxes :-)

  2. I really like those fabric covered boxes to help you remember what is in the boxes you could affix a small label with what is in the box whether that be a name of a color or the type of fabric.

  3. So cool. I reeeeeeally need these....

  4. Oooh, storage and a rainbow - two of my favourite things!!!!!


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