Sunday 6 December 2015

Siblings together quilts

I just finished a couple of quilts this weekend and thought I'd show them.  

The first one started with blocks from my lovely stingy bee mate Catherine (and here).  In the summer she sent me a few orphan blocks and this quilt grew out of them....with the perfect purple backing from @nantucks - thank you ladies!  I've shown the top before but now this quilt is quilted and bound ...

I've never used this colour scheme before but I think it has a girly sparkle!  My eldest likes it but then she does like purple.

Then my lovely siblings together bee mates made these blocks which are quilt-as-you-go blocks and I put them together yesterday!  So easy as the backing and quilting is already done for you!

I have two more blocks, so I'm hoping to make at least one more of these....

And this is the back

Bit of a gloomy photo but that's what it is like at 10am in the morning here! 


  1. Yes a girly colour scheme: very original.
    I love the second one: qayg and then only 9 blocks: Perfect!

  2. Well done, love the bee quilt, how did you join them? is there a thin strip of sashing?


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