Sunday 6 December 2015

Siblings Together Quilt Group has a new home!

I am delighted to introduce a new blog to you all.

My friend Maria and I have been thinking that the Siblings Together Quilting Group needed a new home as Flickr is so out of fashion these days.  If no-one goes there, it is a bit hard to tell people, what is going on!

So we have been working behind the scenes to start up a blog and you can visit it here.  In fact please do!  And please leave a comment so we know you have visited.  It can even just be a friendly Hello!  

Our first post gives you a bit of the history of the quilt group, but there will be lot more about the campaign to make 100 quilts for the children in care in the UK.  If you think there is something we should add please let us know.  

Our second post is about the Bluepatch Quilters up in Ayrshire, who are making a few quilts for Siblings Together, ably led by Sheila Donnachie (and here)

If you want to add something yourself about a quilt you have made or are making then do let us know.  Delma the fabulous founder and CEO of the charity Siblings Together would love us to share the stories of quilts we have made, so the children can see how much we put into them and find out where their quilt came from.  


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