Tuesday 19 May 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - May Winners

Just to tease you I will show you what I've been doing scrappy-wise first! (I know I always do!)

You remember the Not-Just-For-Christmas quilt, (this seems to have become it's name), I've been working on for #siblingstogether!?   

Well not-quite-a-finish but maybe today I will get it done.  For the eagle eyed amongst you anywhere there are pins there is still some quilting required.  

How could I not have a go at custom quilting this - it was crying out for it!

This is the scrappy back...which shows up the quilting better perhaps?   A few IKEA scraps and leftovers from the front....(front fabrics supplied by the lovely @janesquilts)

A few details.....Amish or Baptist fans, straight lines, cross hatching, bubbles and feathery bits!  Can you tell I've been having fun?

All there, but not so noticeable on the front...

One day I'd love to quilt a wholecloth quilt.... it's on 'my list' ! 

See those pins in the border and on some of those green/blue bits - hoping they will be gone by end of play today!

Well now I've teased you enough below are the results of the election Eurovision Song Contest draw!  

A big thank you to the May Scraptastic Tuesday sponsors:

The May second Tuesday of the month Scraptastic Tuesday link up winners are:

Congratulations to all our winners! Leanne will email you first thing (Canadian Time) Tuesday morning. 

Please plan to join  Leanne  and I for the June Scraptastic Link Up on the second Tuesday in June (June 9, 2015). 

Now Leanne has just recently got back from Spring Quilt Market so I'm sure she has lots of lovely things to share with us!  Go look!


  1. I love that quilt. I think it is the colours and the medallion style. The quilting is very fancy too!! Di x

  2. I love both sides of that quilt!

  3. I love this quilt, and all that wonderful quilting is making it even more special.

  4. It is beautiful. You are right - the custom quilting really makes it shine ;-)

  5. What a beautiful quilt. I too like both front and back.

  6. Oh, Sylvia Form Flickenstichlerin is me, I won, I did, thank you so much. Will geht in touch on Friday, can't get to my email at the moment.
    Wish I could machine quilt like you, looks perfect.

  7. It turned out so fun--love the quilting!

  8. I do like that quilt! And the quilting is coming along so beautifully. Congrats to the winners.

  9. Love that quilt! Prize has been claimed and spent, as you know ;o)


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