Tuesday 24 February 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday

When I started out making quilts - they were small (wall hanging size), quite dark and had a lot to do with Debbie Mumm!  They were often made by applique - at that point I found piecing rather scary and avoided it as much as possible!  

Here is a Christmas one....

Well my love of applique has taken backstage as I've been improving my piecing skills but finishing off this quilt brought me back to the enjoyment of applique.

Thanks to these little blocks

So almost in celebration I ordered this out of print book 

I have quite a few piecing books by Jan Halgrimson and love them!   How could I resist this title :  Tiny Treasures 100 miniature applique quilt patterns?

Well true to my usual butterfly ways I just had to try out a pattern when it arrived - here is the result

Two bluebirds of happiness!  They might be nesting soon don't you think?  Not sure what this will end up as but it was fun to create a little project.

And now I remember another reason  why I save even the smallest scrap of fabric.   Even if something is too small for piecing it can always find a place in an applique motif as an eye or some such!  

What is the smallest bit you keep and what do you save it for?

Now Leanne has been enjoying the delights of Quiltcon recently and I'm not sure she has had the time to post on her blog today about scrappiness but I do know she has a beautiful new quilt made from the latest Oakshott Scandinavia pack and that has to be worth drooling over!   Oakshott has been brilliant in sponsoring us and several people have been lucky enough to win some Scandinavia as one of our link up prizes!  I may be a tiny teeny bit envious of that!


  1. That Christmas quilt is very Debbie Munn!!! I think I have that book!!! I keep small strips but not small scraps :-)

  2. I did a lot of Debbie's designs too. I love your little birds.

  3. You are so right about the applique and also little bits work for intricate paper piecing too.

  4. That looks like a great book (is she the designer of the small blocks you put in the thingy quilt? You know, the one with the triangle block background and then lots of fabulous blocks. Propeller blocks? Vintage squares? A different quilt entirely?!!) and I love the sewing words quilt. I'm the same with saving small scraps because, particularly if I'm in an appliqué mood, I tend to think 'Oh, I could get an eye out of that' and in the scrap box it goes!


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