Sunday 22 February 2015


In the summer 2014 I got a sizzix clamshell die and then of course I started using it!

 Anything and everything went in...

 I showed a little bit of how I stitched them here.

I stitched a few together...

and a few more!

I even stitched some poolside in Spain

And more when I got home

It just kept growing...with a bit of help

or not.....

Until it got this big - with that bottom corner of course

I then had a problem - do I trim those clamshells or add something in?  

I don't like throwing things away so I had to add more in, didn't I?

So I chose a lovely colour: Kona Pear, and started piecing in partial clamshells

The best bit is that I retain these pointy points!

I added some straight strips to make a border: the idea being to make it look like my clamshells were floating on the background.  Think that has worked and   here is my finished top...

Now I just have to pick my backing fabric and hand quilt this one!


  1. really nice - could you say which method you use to piece the shells together - regular hand piecing, EPP?

  2. Wow, what a fantastic quilt, it looks simply gorgeous x

  3. Congratulations! It is gorgeous Nicky. I love the pear colour, just right, not overbearing. I want to finish my hexi quilt like that too, in a navy colour. Enjoy the hand quilting.

  4. Oh, I adore it, absolutely and utterly adore it! (In fact, don't tell anyone else and don't remember this after reading or I may have to accuse myself of leading you astray makes me want to start a new quilt! Must. Not. Listen. Must. Finish. Something. First.)

    I love the green border and the way the clamshells float - I'm going to pinch this idea! Can't wait to see which backing you choose and how you quilt it but I bet I don't have long to wait!

  5. Oh you know how I love clamshells! This quilt is fabulous!

  6. That is a work of patience my friend! Jxo

  7. Very nice. Did you hand piece this?

  8. Gorgeous! Just love it! The pear colour really sets it off.

  9. Your "help" made me laugh!
    I'm so glad you added in instead of cut them off. The bottom looks so good with the Kona clam shells in there! Super finish!

  10. Very beautiful, love clamshells and your version is just stunning.
    Congratulations on the finished top.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted to try clamshells but do worry about EPP curves. x

  12. Gorgeous! Just a thought, It looks as if the Shells are behind green "frame ", if you press the border seam towards the clams would they look more floating above the frame?

  13. This is a glorious riotously scrappy quilt, I love the vintage feel from the Kona pear green border.


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