Sunday 8 February 2015

Sew & Be Happy

Way back in 2012 I joined my first ever bee - called Sew & Bee Happy!

I knew Kat a little when I stepped out into the world of the bee and Cindy and Jude joined in too!  I didn't know the others and they were from many different places.

Come July I asked for words relating to sewing as I wanted a hanging for my sewing space.  I had a list 


and made the longest ones myself as a guide to what I was intending.

I got some fabulous words back from my beemates.

It was then I decided to complicate things and add pictures to illustrate the words.   It just so happened that there was a QAL cum competition to make paper pieced sewingword/picture blocks 
about that time!     It was called The Sew Out Loud {quilter's wordplay} QAL 

Brilliant I thought I will add them to my hanging - totally forgetting that paper piecing is NOT my favourite thing in the world and oblivious to the fact that the blocks finished at 12"!   My hanging was putting weight on!   It would have been obese and exceed any hanging wall space I had.

About this time I gave up!  Things were becoming too difficult!

The project had a revival last year and I paper pieced elements of some blocks from the QAL/Online, which made them smaller but I again came to a halt!

This month I decided it didn't matter if I paper pieced these objects or not.  Several had curved shapes and it has always seemed mad to me to use a technique that requires straight lines for making curves!   So I allowed myself the perfect solution - applique!

There was no stopping me then....

Raw edge applique

Needle turned applique

Some curved piecing and improv

I also managed a bit of pixel piecing

And even some trapunto

I had fun with the machine quilting

And added a bit of backstitch quilting in cotton perle as my label

And now here is my finished wall hanging

It has paper piecing, improv, applique, machine embroidery and quilting and hand embroider/quilting, some pixel piecing and some trapunto!   Now I think that pretty well wraps it up ....don't you!

My thanks to Kat, Cindy, Jude, Henny, Kara, Allie, Leona, Hilary, Wendi and Emma for helping me to make this one very special wall hanging!

One of my FAL15 quilts which I will be linking up at the end of the quarter.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Nicky it is wonderful, and so very right that it should contain as many quilting & patchworking techniques as possible!

  2. It turned out great. What a great way to do so many quilting techniques on one quilt. Great job!

  3. It's brilliant N! A great example of the many things we love about quilting! So glad to be a small part of it! Jxo

  4. It's just darling! Your bee mates did you proud ; )

  5. Wow Nicky, original and wonderful !

  6. Utterly fabulous! Love seeing all the details and the steam coming out of the iron is just brilliant!!

  7. You did so well in finishing. It us a good idea for a sewing quilt too. Di x

  8. I love it!!! Absolutely fantastic.

  9. It's stunning and well worth waiting for!


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